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Does Australia Have the Answer When it Comes to Teens and Drugs?

A judge in Australia sentenced an 18-year-old who was found with ecstasy to 100 hours of community service, three years probation, and…a 2000 word essay? Yes, you read that correctly. The judge ordered the teen to write a 2000 word essay on the dangers of drugs. The drugs that the judge ordered the teen to write about are cannabis and ecstasy.

According to court documents, it was stated that the teen had been using ecstacy for about a year. It was also stated that he had been experimenting with other drugs, which included three years of cannabis use.

The teen has been given three months to write the essay with the title, “The Harmful Effects of Using Cannabis and Ecstacy.” The judge had originally ordered a 3000 word essay, but the lawyer for the teen was able to have it reduced to 2000 words. The reason for the lawyer to argue the number of words was because the teenager struggled in school and would therefore struggle with the assignment.

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Two Drug Busts in Bahamas Nets Total of $850,000 in Drugs

Sure, it would be nice to have $250,000, but some have that kind of money because it is in the form of drugs that are packaged for sale on the street. If all of those drugs are sold, then the dealers are $250,000 richer.

However, there are times when police are able to get these dealers off the street and two drug busts in the Bahamas did just that.

The same day that police officers in the Bahamas made four arrests in a $600,000 drug haul, another arrest was made in the Blue Hills area. This time police scooped up $1/4 million. Police had received tips that drugs were being loaded into a black Ford Ranger. Soon after, the police tried to pull over the truck. This resulted in a high speed chase that led to the catching of all three suspects. In the truck was 244 pounds of marijuana.

All suspects in both drug busts are expected to appear in court very soon. Fortunately, these two drug busts are two of the three major drug busts that have occurred in the past week. This means fewer drugs on the street and more dealers in jail.

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Traffic Stop Nets Cash and Drugs

Elmira, New York is in the news today because a traffic stop led police to a home where they found large amounts of pot and a lot of cash. There were also weapons found in the home. This is the second big drug bust for the Elmira police in just two months.

The arrested is Vernon Harris, 38, who was found with 16 pounds of marijuana, $135,000 in cash, and two handguns. It turns out that Harris had been investigated by authorities for two months before the bust took place. He may be facing federal drug and weapons charges.

Unfortunately, there have been busts in the area of Harris’s home before, but neighbors are glad that something is being done about the drug problem.

Harris was arraigned and sent to jail in the Town of Southport.

New York Drug Screening

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You’re Evicted! Nope, You’re Busted!

An eviction leads to a drug bust in Chicago. When officers were called to evict a man, they ended up busting him for having a room full of marijuana plants.

The man, Arckey Washington, was charged with unlawful possession of cannabis plants, one count of marijuana possession, and unlawful use of a weapon. All the officers were trying to do was serve an eviction notice. Once the officers were inside, they could smell the marijuana within the apartment. Upon looking around, an unloaded .357 was found lying on the floor along with 2 containers of marijuana that had been prepared for sale.

Upon further investigation, the officers found a mighty extensive marijuana growing operation happening behind a black plastic barricade in a bedroom. Some of the marijuana plants had grown to three feet high. The marijuana that was found is estimated to be worth $60,000.

Washington, 35, previously served prison time for a narcotics conviction.

Chicago Drug Screening

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Drug bust in Yonkers Nabs 52

More drugs are off the street because of a massive drug bust in Yonkers. Fifty-two people total have been charged. Thirty of the suspects are in custody and the other 12 have warrants issued against them. Some of those who have been charged are said to be homeless and were selling marijuana, prescription pills, and heroin. They were caught by selling these drugs to undercover officers.

This case shows how extensive drug dealing is in some neighborhoods. This particular drug bust marks the third round of sweeps that have nabbed over 200 drug dealers in the past year.

Nevertheless, the sale and purchase of drugs puts many at danger, so it is not a victimless crime. It puts both those who buy them and those around them in harm’s way. Nevertheless, there are now at least 30 more drug dealers off of the street and hopefully more will come soon.

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Former Police Chief’s Wife Busted for Drugs

A former police chief for Schenectady, New York is seeing his share of troubles because his wife was one of 24 people who have been accused of taking part in a drug ring.

Officials say that the suspects in the drug ring were buying the drugs in Long Island and were then selling it in Albany, New York.

The former police chief’s wife, Lisa Kaczmarek, is accused of dealing. Miles Smith, her son, was also indicted on drug charges. As for the former police chief, Gregory Kaczmarek, he is named but has not been indicted. The indictment says that he met with his wife and one of the other alleged drug ring operators.

Kaczmarek was police chief from 1996 to 2002, but resigned when a scandal that sent four officers to prison had erupted.

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Small Town Ohio Plagued by Drugs

Ironton, Ohio is a small town that sits on the Ohio River. Its schools are known to be some of the best in the state of Ohio and the town has always been considered safe. It used to be possible for a female to take a walk alone after dark without anyone bothering her. If someone did, it would be a simple nod from a passerby.

But this small town has been seeing a change. Drug dealers from Dayton and Detroit have been making their presence known. The city has seen some of its largest drug busts in recent months. One just occurred May 7, 2008 after a six week investigation concluded that the drug activity reported to authorities by neighbors was indeed fact.

However, there were more than the arrested five adults and Oxycodone taken out of the home. There were also child safety seats being carried out to vehicles that would transport the four children within the home to foster families waiting to take care of them.

Ironton, Ohio’s drug task force has done a wonderful job in getting drug dealers off of the streets. In March, they busted a couple who had $80,000 worth of cocaine within their possession. And to think that those drugs could have landed in the hands of children or resulted in the endangerment of children.

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Albany Georgia Authorities Net a Number of Drug Dealers

Albany, Georgia saw its fair share of drug busts over the weekend. In the three drug busts that took place on South Madison Street, Cotton Street, and Gordon street netted several arrests.

Amongst those arrested were David Harper, 26, Jody Edwards, 20, and Zerike Jones, 27. The charges included possession with intent to sell.

There were also seven more arrests that blocked off the East side of Albany because authorities were working to catch people coming to the area to buy drugs. While the authorities were in the area, members of the community were actually walking up to them and thanking them for being there.

There was also a grocery store in the area selling alcohol without a license.

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