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2 Accused Drug Dealers Released Due to Paperwork Error

Strange things can happen within law enforcement and sometimes those things can lead to accused drug dealers ending up free on the street.

In Charleston, West Virginia, two suspects who had been charged with felonies such as possession with the intent to deliver and possession of a concealed weapon, were released when paperwork came up missing. Without this paperwork, the authorities had to let both of these individuals go after completely dropping the charges.

The Kanawha County magistrate Ward Harshbarger said that some kind of glitch occurred, but he is sure that the county will be able to rectify the issue. However, the two accused dealers are back on the streets and they cannot be taken back into custody until the charges are refilled by the arresting officer.

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Malibu Seeing Rise in Prescription Drug Use

Malibu is seeing a rise in prescription drug use amongst teens. Now both parents and city leaders are looking for ways to combat the problem.

Officials are saying that the increase in this type of drug use is due to the fact that there are fewer organized activities for teens and a lack of parental involvement. The city does acknowledge that the lack of activities is their own fault. They say that the teens gain access to these drugs from medicine cabinets at home, dealers who have connections with doctors, and other children who are actually prescribed the medications.

What is being found is that a large number of youth are taking these drugs and combining them with each other and with alcohol. This is what has been discovered when the offending teenagers are caught using these drugs at school, have been pulled over on the street, or have experienced an overdose.

Now the city is planning an intervention to try and get these drugs out of the hands of teens and keep them where they belong.

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After investigating for 8 months, group is busted for drugs

Four men and a 15-year old have been arrested in Scranton, Pa. for offenses that are drug related. An 8 month investigation was conducted that led to the arrest. The defendants were believed to have been trafficking drugs between Scranton and Philadelphia.

One of the defendants had supplied a police informant with 4 ounces of cocaine and 5 ounces of marijuana in Philadelphia, which is what led to the probe by authorities. Shortly after, 4 adults and 1 15-year-old were arrested. The teenager was in possession of $9,700.

A search warrant issued for a residence netted an additional 3 pounds of cocaine, 696 ecstasy tablets, 13.5 pounds of marijuana, and a marijuana growing operation that netted 36 plants.

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Teen Drug Use Addressed by Police and Parents in One Washington Town

In Peninsula Gateway, Washington, parents and police are addressing their concerns about the amount of teen drug usethat is occurring.

Just a few months ago, the meeting had a very poor turnout. One mother found that only four other people had showed to the meeting that was meant to discuss teen drug issues. They were ready to have a conversation with the police department regarding what the authorities view as a severe drug problem in the city.

A survey that was conducted at the high school in 2007 showed that 41% of the high school seniors had used illegal drugs at some point. 97% of those had used marijuana at some point and 33% had used prescription drugs at one time or another. These numbers are quite staggering. What is more alarming is the fact that many of those surveyed had admitted to trying drugs for the first time at the age of 13.

When the second meeting was held last month, the turnout was much better. There were approximately 20 parents ready to learn about what could be done to curb the drug problem amongst their teenagers.

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Greely, Colorado Sees Large Drug Bust

A large scale drug trafficking ring was busted up when the Drug Enforcement Administration arrested 23 individuals. Authorities are saying that the individuals were buying drugs in Mexico and Arizona so that they could bring them back to Colorado and distribute them.

How the drugs were brought to Colorado was through hidden compartments within pickup trucks. Amongst those drugs were methamphetamine, marijuana, and cocaine.

It is believed that the suspects sold drugs throughout the northern Colorado area, Wyoming, Nebraska, and a number of other states. In the meantime, the authorities were able to arrest the suspects and take the drugs off of the street.

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Even Celebrities are Not Immune to Drug Problems

Surely you’ve heard of Tatum O’Neal. She is a former child star who wrote a tell-all memoir boasting the fact that she was sober. She’s even given Britney Spears advice regarding her troubles. Unfortunately, some individuals seem to fall back into their old habits although they claim to be sober for prolonged periods of time.

As for Tatum O’Neal and her recent bout with drugs, she was caught buying cocaine in downtown Manhattan. At her hearing, she said nothing and did not enter a plea. Her court date is scheduled for July 28.

The prosecutors are recommending that she undergoes drug treatment because it doesn’t seem that her battle with addiction isn’t quite over. With this said, this has simply added an unwritten chapter to a book of ups, downs, and Hollywood horror stories.

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It All Started with a Broken Headlight

An Athens, Georgia police officer followed a car until it pulled into an apartment complex because it had an out headlight. What resulted was more than just a citation over an out headlight, but an arrest for possession of drugs.

Brandon Fleming, 23, pulled into the apartment complex parking lot and was questioned by the officer upon exiting his car. Upon questioning Fleming, the officer found that he was wanted on other charges, so he searched the car and found marijuana and a digital scale.

Fleming has been charged with possession with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of public housing, and simply possession with intent to distribute. He was also charged with having drug paraphernalia.

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