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Synthetic Drugs Still Being Imported in Large Quantities

Despite efforts to ban them, synthetic drugs are still being imported in large quantities … legally. synthetic marijuana

Drugs like synthetic marijuana are still making their way into the United States with impunity because chemists continue to alter the drugs’ chemical compounds slightly to get around the bans.

Drug Enforcement Administration Special Agent Doug Coleman says US Customs authorities cannot stop imports of compounds that are still legal.

“It’s like whack a mole,” he told CBS News. “They pop their head up, we hit them, they go down and then they pop their head up in another spot. It’s always a cat-and-mouse game. This is just a more advanced type of cat-and-mouse because now we’ve got chemists manufacturing synthetic drugs as opposed to cartel members trafficking heroin, or coke, or methamphetamine.”

China is the main source of these drugs.

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