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Bacterial Meningitis: the Quiet Killer

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It doesn’t seem like much when it starts, maybe it feels like a typical virus, after all you’re only dealing with a little fever, maybe a few trips to the bathroom to throw up, and some of those pesky chills too. Nothing you haven’t dealt with a time or two before right? The truth could be much worse than you suspect. Meningitis is fast, it’s one of the few infections that can kill you within 24 hours of getting it and many of those who do never suspected that they had it. 15% of those who catch it die and out of those who survive it about 1 in every 5 is left with debilitating brain damage, amputated limbs or deafness. And worst of all it strikes adolescents between the ages of 11 and 18.

Meningitis is a dangerous infection that most parents don’t think will ever happen to their child. After all they got a shot against it when they were small didn’t they? However in the last few years doctors have begun advising parents to get a booster shot against meningitis before they enter middle school, the prime age for meningitis to become a potential risk. While about 40% of parents are getting their kids vaccinated against the virus others haven’t and in the flurry and worry over the swine flu some parents might forget. The pre-teen years are a time when doctor’s visits become less regular and tend to be more for illnesses and injury than for regular checkups. Getting updated for meningococcal meningitis is just as important as getting inoculated against the flu, don’t let your child take that risk.

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Do You Have A Yeast Infection?

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Yeast-infectionMany women are bothered by what they think is a yeast infection. This can include a discharge from the vagina that is itchy and can have a foul odor. There are products on the market that can treat a yeast infection over the counter. The problem is that many women are misdiagnosing yeast infections when they really have a different type of infection, most often bacterial.

A bacterial infection can mimic a yeast infection in some women. There is both bacteria and yeast in the vagina and they are supposed to balance out one another. In some cases, the yeast or bacteria overgrows and causes an infection. There are home testing products on the market that can help a woman determine if she has a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. They work by testing the PH balance in the urine and are highly accurate.

Using a home testing product is a good idea to determine if you have a yeast infection, before you start to treat yourself for the condition. This way, you can be sure that this is what you have and do not treat yourself for a condition that is not present in your system.  These home testing supplies can help you avoid making matters worse by treating yourself for a yeast infection if you are suffering from a bacterial infection.

Both of these types of infections are common in women. While yeast infections can be treated over the counter, bacterial infections need to be cleared up with antibiotics. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics to clear up a bacterial infection, if this is the case, based upon the findings of your home test.