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These Spiders Are High On Life

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Well, not really. When I started to watch this video I thought it was serious at first. Ah, the lovely things people do with stock footage on YouTube.

Pretty funny stuff though, don’t you think? Spiders on the rampage! I like the caffeinated spider the best.

I feel slight pangs of guilt at making light of such an important subject. Spider drug use is on the rise, but we can put a stop to it with drug testing kits.

Well that’s enough of that. Have a good rest of the day.

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As I searched for a blog topic today, I came across a rather interesting blog about one woman’s struggle with infertility. If you have ever wondered what infertility is like or are going through it yourself, I suggest reading it. She discusses in detail all of the tests, procedures and issues involved with infertility.

You can read all about her fertility battle at Fertility Blog.

You can also buy at home fertility detectors to make sure you are maximizing the potential of each fertile period. Fertility detectors help you pinpoint the day(s) in your cycle when you are most fertile–meaning the time when you are ovulating and most receptive to the possibility of becoming pregnant.

So how can you tell if you’re in your fertile period? Besides the at home detector, your body does give off certain signs like:

– A slight rise in your Basal body temperature.
– Cervical mucus becomes cloudy, sticky and egg-whitey.
– A slight change in the position of the cervix–it will be slightly higher in the body.
– Slight pain in the ovaries.
– Minimal spotting.
– Tender breasts.
– An increased sex drive.

While you may not experience all of these signs, some are for certain. So, the next you want to get pregnant, pay attention to your body, use an at home fertility detector and make use of your fertile period!

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HIV Testing

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First, I want to say I hope everyone had a nice Fourth of July yesterday. Mine was okay. Spent most of the day with my boyfriend in front of a fan. It’s just too hot!

Anyway, today’s blog topic is: HIV testing. It’s a serious subject and everyone should, of course, get tested. However, the attitude in this commercial may be a little too lax, don’t you think?

As the commercial began, I though, hey this looks like a lot of other commercials from a few years back. But the relieved, “I’m okay” at the end is just too hilarious. I don’t know why it’s funny, but it is.

In all seriousness though, you can get easy to use at home HIV testing kits at a low price online. You take the test at home, send in your sample to the lab (included in test kit price) and you’ll receive your results in a few days. It’s simple and accurate. Hey. Now I’m sounding like the commercial.