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Holistic Health Tips for Diabetes

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I’m no expert on diabetes, but this video is a pretty good introduction to the disease and how to adjust your diet to keep it under control.

Have you been feeling run-down lately? Take an at-home diabetes test to see if you either have the disease or are close to developing it. Diabetes has much to do with your diet, so make sure you follow your doctor’s advice and reduce your carbohydrate intake as much as possible. Remember: the first step in treating diabetes is detection, so purchase a diabetes testing kit today to see where your blood sugar stands.

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Toxic Mold: A Real Danger

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Many people are aware of the dangers of toxic black mold. However, when people are looking for mold in their home, they tend to miss places like the attic, basement and crawl spaces underneath the house. This video discusses the dangers of toxic mold and shows you some ways to beat the mold!

And if you think you have this nasty stuff in your home, you may wish to purchase at mold testing kit. A mold test kit can help detect mold in your home so you can work on getting rid of it and getting on with your life.

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When the Good Guys Go Bad

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Henry Kim, a lead narcotics agent in southern California, was arrested and charged with selling prescription drugs to someone that turned out to be an undercover Long Beach detective. That’s a pretty big oops, don’t you think?

I think I get more and more cynical everyday, but doesn’t this sort of thing just get you? A man that’s supposed to be protecting people from those that sell drugs is selling drugs! Ugh. Pardon me, but I’m just slightly disgusted. I think home drug testing kits should be made available to everyone, anywhere. That way we can live in a world without the influence of illegal drugs or illegally-used drugs, like when a prescription medication is used without a prescription.

What do you think, everyone? Drug testing kits all around?

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More “The Office” and Drug Testing

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You may remember that I posted a blog awhile ago with a hilarious video from the TV show The Office. It seems like Dwight was trying to be a anti-drug enforcer and he ended up looking like a big ol’ idiot.

If you liked that, you’re in luck people. Here’s some great deleted scenes from that same episode of the The Office. Who knew drug testing could be so funny?

Wow, I felt like a salesperson there. Maybe I’m in the wrong department? I know drug testing is serious business, but what’s life without a little bit of poking fun at that stuff you’re not supposed to laugh at? But remember: if you think a friend or loved one is using drugs, a home drug testing kit could save their life!

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A Good Look At Meth

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Found this video on YouTube today. Just look at what methamphetamine does:

Disgusting isn’t it? Well, all but the Mr. Bean, part. So I guess that’s my public service announcement of the day. Don’t do meth, people! If it makes you look like this on the outside, imagine what it does to you on the inside?

If you are concerned a loved one may be abusing meth, try a drug testing kit. It may not seem like it now, but a drug kit that can detect meth very well might save a life.

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Drug Testing For Mayor?

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So what happens when you run for mayor in the twenty-first century? You submit to drug testing, that’s what. But Herman Morris, a mayoral candidate in Memphis is a-okay with it.

Morris voluntarily took a 10 panel drug test and provided both urine and hair samples for the lab. He was screened for both illegal and prescriptions drugs and was found to have no drugs in his system at all. He thinks that all mayoral candidates should submit to this test.

However, not all candidates are too happy. Some feel focusing on drug testing on candidates is “distracting” and a means of veering attention away from the actual campaign.

Regardless of what happens, Morris is setting a standard by which other candidates and professionals can be measured. After all, if sports pros need to be tested, then shouldn’t those that hold the power of the city, county, country or what have you be tested as well?