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French Coach Thinks NZ Rugby is Druggy

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Some coach in France by the name of Bernard Laporte thinks New Zealand and England rugby players aren’t being tested enough for drug use.

He says the problem occurs because international players only submit to urine drug tests and that just isn’t quite enough.

However, at the World Cup this year in France, everyone should be happy because drug testing is thoroughly enforced.

Even so, I don’t know what the big deal is. England, from what I understand, has a full-time officer in charge of making sure no players use drugs. That’s pretty committed to preventing drug use, if you ask me! I wonder if they use hair drug tests?

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A Good Look At Meth

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Found this video on YouTube today. Just look at what methamphetamine does:

Disgusting isn’t it? Well, all but the Mr. Bean, part. So I guess that’s my public service announcement of the day. Don’t do meth, people! If it makes you look like this on the outside, imagine what it does to you on the inside?

If you are concerned a loved one may be abusing meth, try a drug testing kit. It may not seem like it now, but a drug kit that can detect meth very well might save a life.

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Drug Testing For Mayor?

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So what happens when you run for mayor in the twenty-first century? You submit to drug testing, that’s what. But Herman Morris, a mayoral candidate in Memphis is a-okay with it.

Morris voluntarily took a 10 panel drug test and provided both urine and hair samples for the lab. He was screened for both illegal and prescriptions drugs and was found to have no drugs in his system at all. He thinks that all mayoral candidates should submit to this test.

However, not all candidates are too happy. Some feel focusing on drug testing on candidates is “distracting” and a means of veering attention away from the actual campaign.

Regardless of what happens, Morris is setting a standard by which other candidates and professionals can be measured. After all, if sports pros need to be tested, then shouldn’t those that hold the power of the city, county, country or what have you be tested as well?

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TLC Reality Star Arrested For DUI

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Matthew Roloff, star of TLC’s reality show “Little People, Big World” was arrested on June 19 after failing a sobriety test. It was about midnight after police pulled Roloff over after he was seen swerving all over the road in his van.

It takes some doing to hide a DUI for over a month if you’re in the entertainment business. Granted, “Little” may not be the biggest show on the air but I’ve seen it and it’s pretty good! Too bad this guy had to get behind the wheel after drinking. Not only is it dangerous to himself and all those on the road with him at the time, but it also sets a really poor example for those kids he has at home.

I wonder if they’ll deal with this in later episodes of the show?

Anyway, the point is, Lena says don’t drink and drive. It’s not smart and it’s a surefire way to either A. end up in jail or B. kill someone. Neither are really great options, so before you chug-a-lug and hop in the car, think twice. Call a cab, set up a designated driver or, here’s a novel idea, don’t drink! Or else I’ll install one of those alcohol detectors in your car. Yup! I’ll do it!