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Michael Vick Fails Drug Testing

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As you probably know by now, Michael Vick, the standout Atlanta Falcons quarterback has been convicted of making money off of dog fights as well as animal abuse. This has already been a large shadow over what was sure to be a stellar career.

Vick was released to his home until sentencing occurs on December 10, though with special conditions including that he must remain in his home between 10pm and 6am and that he submit to random drug testing.

Well, it looks like the random drug testing caught him in the act, because after submitting a urine sample on September 13, he tested positive for marijuana.

It is still too soon to say how this could affect his sentencing. However, Vick does face up to 5 years in prison for his other charges.

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Student Drug Testing On The Rise

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Students are Marquette Catholic High School–a school located in the St. Louis area–are undergoing drug testing for the very first time. This seems to be a growing trend among many schools in the area and across the country. In fact, more than 1,000 schools in the U.S. utilize drug testing of some sort to keep tabs on the drug situation in their schools.

Hair drug testing is being used at the school in St. Louis because it is the least invasive and provides the most accurate results. While many still question whether or not student drug testing is just, there is no question that it can help deter drug abuse.

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Britney Spears Ordered To Undergo Drug Testing

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Well it’s about time, don’t you think? A court commissioner that was overseeing her case has ordered Britney Spears to undergo mandatory drug testing due to her use of illicit substances.

But the drug testing isn’t where it ends. Nope, Brit Brit has to meet with a parenting coach at least 8 hours a week as well. And she and Kevin Federline have to take Parenting With Conflict classes. Yikes! Looks like someone is finally doing something about this situation and focusing the attention where it should be. Yes, that’s right people, not on Britney’s “comeback” or on her latest hijinks. Rather, on her kids.

Let’s hope this drug testing will either A) help her realize the seriousness of substance abuse and seek the help she so desperately needs or B) keep her away from her children until she is prepared to take care of them.

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Look At What Drugs Can Do

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Okay, so this is an old video now, but I feel it’s timely. Just watch it first:

Ah, Amy Winehouse. Sure, she has this whole retro look thing going on with the beehive and make up but there’s more odd about this girl than her appearance. She is high on something, wouldn’t you say? And look at her just a few years ago:

It’s scary what drugs and alcohol can do. It’s too bad no one in her life will step up and demand drug testing before shows. I know she protests “Rehab” but if there’s anyone that needs it, it’s this girl.

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Looks Like Drug Testing In Golf Is A Go

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According to the Los Angeles Times, the PGA tour will, in fact, begin using drug testing to detect drug use among golfers..

10 different substances will be tested for, including anabolic steroids, anti-estrogens and diuretics. Some are complaining that the PGA did not adopt the entire list of substances banned by WADA, but this is indeed a good start.

Likewise, an office of the World Golf Foundation will be dedicated to the detection of drug use by 2008.


Los Angeles Drug Screening


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Drugs and Violence Come Hand in Hand

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Well it looks like the 10 killings that occurred in Detroit over the span of a few days were drug related.

It was several separate incidents that tallied up the 10 homicides, however, it is believed all had drugs involved. This is surefire sign that drugs are not only dangerous to those that use them, but also to those around drug users.

This is especially important for parents to keep in mind. For instance, let’s say your child goes to a party on Friday night. Even though they might not have used drugs at this party, other attendants might have. And where there’s drug use, there’s the potential for trouble of the violent sort.

A great way to prevent drug use from occurring in your home and to open your teen’s eyes about drug abuse is to instill a no drug policy that involves drug testing. Hair drug testing is probably your best bet considering it will give you 90 days worth of results.

The point is, keep your mind open and alert to the reality of drug use and your child’s place within that world. With a solid drug testing program, you can ensure your home stays drug free.

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Random Phone Calls

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Okay, so this might be slightly off-topic, but not really because it does involve drugs, but it’s more related to my personal life, which I don’t do very often, so let’s just see where this goes. Wow, that was a run-on if I ever saw one.

So I get this call today from a tele-marketer. Well, first someone called and didn’t say anything. Automated message on the fritz? I think so! So at about 9 in the a.m. someone else calls and for the life of me I don’t know what the name of the organization was. But she was called to ask for a donation–of course!. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not an uncharitable person. It’s just, when everybody and their mama is calling your house, it gets a tad annoying!

So anyway, apparently most property crimes occur because of drugs or when drugs are involved, so if I was to give money, I’d help stop property crime and put an end to drug use. No lie, people, this is what she said to me.

How exactly would this occur? I’m confused. Anyone know? It’s not like I don’t think property crime is serious, because I most certainly do. And it’s not like I don’t think drug use is serious, because obviously, I do. But a random phone call from a random organization? Oh my gosh, was it one of those scam callers trying to get my personal info?

I sound paranoid. Anyway, just thought I’d share that minor annoyance with you all today. I should have told the lady to visit TestCountry.com where she could find drug testing kits and more. I mean, would that help put a stop to drug use?


Cocaine – A Dangerous Substance

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Everyone knows drugs are dangerous, but it’s rare that you hear about it from the horse’s mouth.

Watch this really interesting video on crack and cocaine from the History Channel.

Illegal drugs are a real threat and one of the best ways to combat them is to implement drug testing in your home. Even if you are unsure about the benefits or validity of drug testing, give it a chance. Drug testing can save lives.

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Did You All See Britney?

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Of course you did. I mean, who didn’t see Britney Spears stumbling, uh, I mean dancing around at the MTV Video Music Awards? I honestly don’t know what to think. This girl needs help and fast. She has two little kids to think about too. She needs to get it together.

I don’t even know if she was on drugs on stage, but she did look a tad “out of it” don’t you think? The glazed eyes, the stumbling, the aimless walking. It’s all there. If it was mandatory to be drug tested before performing, then I think Miss Spears might have failed.

Who knows for sure though? What I do know is that she’s headed for yet another nervous breakdown. It’s sad, really. Hopefully she can get into some sort of drug treatment program before it’s too late.

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Opening Up A Dialogue…

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I want to hear from you all today.

I talked about Narconon last week just briefly (more is coming on that topic, I promise). What I want to know, is what you know about this rehab facility. What have you heard about it? Was it good or bad? Do you know anyone that’s been to Narconon? If you’re willing to share, what was their experience?

I’m really curious about this because I believe the truth is all we have in this world. I mean, we’re all stumbling around trying to find our way, but without the truth, it’s quite a trivial journey.

Now, I don’t want to ruffle any feathers. Normally I just talk about drug testing and drug testing kits and ways you can incorporate drug testing into your home life or work life. Lately, I feel as though I need to step up my game and make use of this blog to raise awareness, or at the very least, raise eyebrows.

Feel free to leave a comment or to e-mail me directly with your thoughts.