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Look At What Drugs Can Do

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Okay, so this is an old video now, but I feel it’s timely. Just watch it first:

Ah, Amy Winehouse. Sure, she has this whole retro look thing going on with the beehive and make up but there’s more odd about this girl than her appearance. She is high on something, wouldn’t you say? And look at her just a few years ago:

It’s scary what drugs and alcohol can do. It’s too bad no one in her life will step up and demand drug testing before shows. I know she protests “Rehab” but if there’s anyone that needs it, it’s this girl.


Cocaine – A Dangerous Substance

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Everyone knows drugs are dangerous, but it’s rare that you hear about it from the horse’s mouth.

Watch this really interesting video on crack and cocaine from the History Channel.

Illegal drugs are a real threat and one of the best ways to combat them is to implement drug testing in your home. Even if you are unsure about the benefits or validity of drug testing, give it a chance. Drug testing can save lives.