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Schwarzenegger Needs to Get His Drug Straight

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Okay, now California is already somewhat of a joke on the political spectrum because of our terminating governor but he really upped the anty this time. In a recent issue of GQ magazine, Arnold Schwarzenegger was quoted as saying marijuana was not a drug, but rather, “a leaf.”

Interesting. Does he not realize a lot of drugs are derived from natural substances? Just because they are “natural” does not make them any less of a drug.

Well, whatever. old Arnie is saying it was all just a joke anyway.

I don’t even have any commentary for that. Take it as you will. But I guess drug testing isn’t required before running for office then?

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Cop Died From Drugs Not Air Pollution

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A cop that was on ground zero for many, many hours following September 11 was thought to have died from a lung disease caused by the inhalation of toxic fumes. However, it has recently been discovered that this man died from a lung disease that can only occur from the bloodstream.

What was this man putting into his bloodstream, exactly? It seems he was grinding up prescription pills and injecting them. Medical examiners found traces of talc and cellulose, which helped contribute to the lung disease.

While his efforts were no doubt courageous on ground zero, it is a shame he made the mistake of injecting such poisons into his body. It is hard to say whether or not drug testing would have come in handy in this case. It is futile to speculate now.

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Pete Doherty Clean For Good?

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Pete Doherty, front man of the British rock band Babyshambles is apparently clean and sober these days.

He was originally sentenced to supervision for a period of 18 months, but he was released from the last 6 months on Wednesday due to his consistent passing of drug tests. The judge even wished him well!

What a turnaround this has been. It’s just another case of drug testing doing people good. Let’s hope he can keep it up!

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HairConfirm Helps Show Kid Drug Usage

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There’s a great write up at Canada.com about Confirm BioSciences product, HairConfirm. The one-time use kits make it easy to detect drug use in people of all ages, but it is especially beneficial to parents of teens.

Parents can use the tests on their kids by collecting a small sample of hair–about 30-40 strands. This can then tell you if your kid has merely tried drugs, or if they are flat out addicted.

Drug testing such as this can really discourage drug use in teens. However, you shouldn’t use this test without your teen’s knowledge. You might find out what you want to know, but is that worth the loss of trust? Just something to think about.

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Reporting a Robbery Turns Into a Drug Crackdown

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I just read something in The Salt Lake Tribune about a guy that reported a robbery at his home. Apparently two men in ski masks demanded drugs from him at gunpoint. When they couldn’t find any drugs on the premises, they stole some property and then left.

The guy then reports the incident to police, but mentions the fact that he sells methamphetamine, though he didn’t have any on him at the time. The guy was booked and the robbers have still not been found.

It’s hard to say how I feel about this. While he should certainly be punished for his selling of methamphetamine, does the robbery that occurred in his home deserve to not be investigated? Interesting to think about.

Needless to say, methamphetamine is a dangerous drug. If you suspect anyone you know is abusing this substance, you should consider getting themdrug testing and treatment right away.

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Britney Loses Visitation Rights…Again!

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I swear, you can’t make this stuff up, people. I feel like the daily news reports are an on-going soap opera called “A Day In The Life Of a Self-Destructing Former Pop-Star.” Sad, but true!

Anyway, Miss Britney apparently had a faulty cell phone this time that made it impossible for her to set up meeting times for her random drug testing. And you know, a missed test is the same as a failed test. The judge made this perfectly clear last time she screwed up! What, does she think she can just get chance after chance to prove herself as a “good” mother? The court has been more than patient. Pretty sad that K-Fed still looks like parent of the year.

So yeah, that’s the Brit Brit update for the day. She can’t visit her kids because her cell phone doesn’t get reception in her Malibu home so she missed the call for the random drug tests. Right! Just like the intercom didn’t work that one time her kids came to visit? I see a pattern here–faulty electronic devices to blame for Britney’s bad parenting, not her boozing, drugging and general need for therapy.

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Hulk Hogan’s Son In Trouble

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As you probably know by now, Hulk Hogan’s son, Nick Bollea was involved in a high speed car crash awhile back wherein his friend John Graziano, who was in the passenger seat, was critically injured and is now left with permanent brain damage.

While tragic, what makes this particularly bad is that Nick may have been under the influence of drugs while he was speeding down the wet street before slamming into a median wall. Blood samples taken immediately following the crash will tell the whole tale. Results from this drug test will be revealed sometime in November.

Whether or not Nick will be charged with a crime hinges on the results of this drug test. For his sake, let’s hope the tests come out negative. If they are positive, he is in for some serious repercussions.

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Drug Testing: It’s Everywhere!

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Metamora High School in Illinois is next to jump on the drug testing bandwagon. Since the high school football team has a long-running trend of winning, random drug testing is now being enforced to ensure all of that success is genuine and not chemically encouraged.

Those in charge also say it can help kids fight peer pressure at parties. Instead of feeling pressured to use drugs, student athletes can just say they might get drug tested and that they don’t want to risk it. Actually, that’s pretty smart.

While the random drug testing involves screening for drugs and nicotine, they will throw in a steroid test or two, also at random, to ensure these kids are really clean. What’s really impressive is that most of these kids seems to not mind the testing, so long as they get to play.

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Can You Believe It?

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Britney Spears passed her drug test! Yeah, I’m wondering whose urine she substituted for her own, too. I mean, if they’re going to drug test Britney, at least use something she can’t adulterate like a hair drug test or a saliva drug test, at least. Not that I think she’s exactly brilliant enough to pull off cheating on a drug test (she missed her schedule visitation with her kids because the gate buzzer was broken? I mean, really?), but it’s the premise here, people.

If Spears ever wants to have custody of those kids again, she’s going to have to shape up fast. That means saying goodbye to the drugs, the booze, the nightlife and slew of enablers she’s surrounded by.

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New Employees Undergo Drug Testing In School District

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New employees in the Northampton area school district of Pennsylvania are now required to undergo drug testing. This comes after a principal in Bethlehem was arrested for drug dealing. Nice!

Now all prospective employees for the district will have to undergo a pre-employment drug screening. This goes for teachers, administrators and all other employees of the district.

Hopefully, with this new drug testing statute in place, the schools will be safer and stick to a drug-free policy.