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Britney Fails Drug Test

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Britney Spears is a double-edged sword. I mean, really. I’m sick of hearing about her, but she’s an unlimited supply of drug-related blog material. This puts me in a difficult position. However, this is just too much not to write about.

Apparently, Ms. Spears failed a drug test. Not just missed it like before. I mean, she failed it by testing positive for amphetamines. Her reps tried to play it off like her asthma medicine may have caused the false-positive. And then later her people said it was Provigil, a medicine used to treat narcolepsy. Lame excuse after lame excuse doesn’t change the fact that none of these drugs are amphetamines!

We’ll see what happens and how this will effect the ongoing custody battle. I swear this girl doesn’t want her children. She never grew up. All I’m going to say is she obviously needs more than rehab, she needs psychiatric treatment. Drug testing caught her in the act, but now the next step needs to be taken.

Celebrity Substance Abuse Drug Testing Health & Wellness Workplace Testing

Jon Bon Jovi Was a Drug Dealer

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That’s an odd headline, huh? For some reason, I have a hard time picturing the “Shot Through the Heart” singer dealing drugs in dimly lit alleys. But appearances aren’t everything.

I guess when he was a teenager, Bon Jovi dealt drugs to make some cash. This was long before his rocker days and he says he didn’t ever really indulge in the merchandise. It was a “bad trip” on a PCP laced drug that sent him away from the drug life.

Well, you live, you learn, I guess. Whatever got him away from dealing and drugging is good enough. Otherwise, some sort of drug test would have caught him in the act long ago.