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Britney Drama…again

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Okay, I’m seriously tired of writing about Britney Spears but she just keeps giving!

So now I guess reports have come out that she went into some store and wanted to buy a bunch of underwear and tried to take them into the changing room. Okay, first of all, gross.

So the people that work there were like, “Um, you can’t do that,” so what does she do? She doesn’t pay for the items and leave. She doesn’t even throw them across the room. Nope. Miss Spears takes off her underpants and tries on the underwear in the middle of the store! Can you believe this stuff?

Then she stole a wig off of a manequin. Afterwards the store operators said Britney’s eyes seemed like there was nothing behind them. Yeah! If you’re so high you throw a tantrum in an underwear shop, I’d say there was a tad bit of a problem, wouldn’t you?

Is she keeping up with her drug tests? Because her behavior certainly doesn’t seem like she is!

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Drug Smuggler Caught

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A woman from South Africa was detained at the Sydney airport under suspicion of transporting drugs. She was taken to the hospital and she passed a total of 54 pellets–totaling 1.35 kilograms of illicit substances.

The crazy things people do, I swear! Not only is it ridiculous and illegal, but it’s seriously dangerous. What if one of those bags busted open in her stomach? That could have been an instant overdose! Imagine the drug test readings on that.

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Obama Tried Drugs

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Honesty is a great thing, isn’t it? Barrack Obama recently admitted to having tried drugs and drinking alcohol as a teen.

But then, he went onto say that he got his act together once he went to college and realized he’d wasted a lot of time in high school. Well, you’d never know it by today, would you?

Just goes to show you, drug use does not always shape a person. When they let go of those substances and go on to make a successful life, it’s a very positive thing.

What do you think of Obama’s teenage indiscretions?

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Britney Fails Drug Test

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Britney Spears is a double-edged sword. I mean, really. I’m sick of hearing about her, but she’s an unlimited supply of drug-related blog material. This puts me in a difficult position. However, this is just too much not to write about.

Apparently, Ms. Spears failed a drug test. Not just missed it like before. I mean, she failed it by testing positive for amphetamines. Her reps tried to play it off like her asthma medicine may have caused the false-positive. And then later her people said it was Provigil, a medicine used to treat narcolepsy. Lame excuse after lame excuse doesn’t change the fact that none of these drugs are amphetamines!

We’ll see what happens and how this will effect the ongoing custody battle. I swear this girl doesn’t want her children. She never grew up. All I’m going to say is she obviously needs more than rehab, she needs psychiatric treatment. Drug testing caught her in the act, but now the next step needs to be taken.

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Pete Doherty Falls Off the Wagon

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Things were looking so good for Babyshambles front man Pete Doherty. He really cleaned up his act. But then, out of nowhere, he “missed” hard drugs and decided to use them again. Just like that he was back to doping. And even more appalling, he taped himself injecting heroin!

But now he’s apologizing after the drug binge and says he’ll be back in rehab soon. Funny how rehab is the place for young celebrities these days. What an odd trend to follow! Maybe with consistent drug testing and real consequences, he’ll finally be able to beat his addiction?

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More Britney Drama With Drug Testing

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Britney Spears just can’t seem to get it together when it comes to the drug testing. She keeps missing drug tests. Still!

The excuse? Apparently she has to change her phone number often because it gets stolen or something along those lines. Or she’s sleeping. Or just too busy promoting her album. Yeah.

Anyway, she’s been ordered to maintain an accurate phone number on record from now on with the drug testing lab.

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Drugs in the 70’s on Film

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For those interested, two new movies have hit the big screen that show the life of gangsters involved with drug dealing in the 1970’s went about their lives and work.

It is interested to see how the drug lords of New York functioned at the time and in consequence, how their actions are reflected in today’s culture. The two movies are American Gangster and Mr. Untouchable. Both seem interesting, at the very least. There’s even Oscar buzz surrounding Denzel Washington’s performance in the former film.

Perhaps with a heightened awareness of the underground of the drug world, more people will stay away from drugs? It’s hard to say.

New York Drug Screening

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Drugs and Alcohol to Blame for Kansas Crash

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Over the weekend, a car crash occurred in Wichita, Kansas that killed one person and injured another seriously.

The technicalities of the crash are straight out of the movies. The car involved jumped a curb, demolished a couple of street signs, hit a pole and then rolled down an embankment. The driver and the passenger were not wearing seatbelts and were ejected from the vehicle. The driver died at the scene.

Relatives of those involved said that those in the car were under the influence of alcohol and drugs at the time of the crash.

It’s unfortunate that people have to die in order for some to learn an important lesson about driving and driving or driving under the influence of any illicit substance. Sometimes the breathalyzer in the car for drug testing doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, especially if it will save lives.

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Martina Hingis Tests Positive

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Martina Hingis tested positive for cocaine on a drug test and retired from tennis. Though she vehemently denies ever taking drugs, the Wimbledon drug testing garnered positive results.

Hingis was in the middle of a comeback after a previous stint at retirement due to repeated leg injuries.

We’ll see what happens as the results of her drug test are further investigated.

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Jon Bon Jovi Was a Drug Dealer

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That’s an odd headline, huh? For some reason, I have a hard time picturing the “Shot Through the Heart” singer dealing drugs in dimly lit alleys. But appearances aren’t everything.

I guess when he was a teenager, Bon Jovi dealt drugs to make some cash. This was long before his rocker days and he says he didn’t ever really indulge in the merchandise. It was a “bad trip” on a PCP laced drug that sent him away from the drug life.

Well, you live, you learn, I guess. Whatever got him away from dealing and drugging is good enough. Otherwise, some sort of drug test would have caught him in the act long ago.