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Mischa Barton Arrested for DUI

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Looks like young Hollywood just can’t get it together. Or is drunk driving the latest way for celebs to get attention? Whatever the reasoning, Mischa Barton on The O.C. fame was arrested on suspicion of D.U.I. last night. Bail was set at $10,000 and she was also caught was other illicit substances in her possession. Someone’s in trouble!

What compels these people to be so stupid? It’s like celebrity and substance abuse just go hand in hand. I don’t get it. Just think of this last year alone. Hey, that would make a good blog. 2007 celebrity drug round up! Yup, That’s tomorrow’s topic.

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All High School Athletes Up For Drug Testing?

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It may very well be the truth of the future as the reality of steroid abuse in professional sports trickles over into the area of collegiate and high school sports.

According to the San Jose Mercury News drug testing in schools may be the next step in the right direction in order to get a handle on the situation.

Since the death of two students in the Bay Area, more people have come to question the role steroids and other performance enhancing drugs play in sports and what should be done about it.

Drug testing may very well be the key to solving the problem, or at least seriously discouraging use. And with new products like saliva steroid drug detectors, it may be even easier.

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Amy Winehouse Arrested and Released

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Okay, so when I woke up this morning and saw “Amy Winehouse Arrested” as a headline on my Yahoo!News I thought, “She finally got caught with the drugs.” I mean, after a slew of horrible shows due to her drunkenness or show cancellations because she seriously (and I mean, seriously) needs to go to rehab, you would think drugs would have been the reason she got taken into custody.

But nope! She was arrested for questioning in regards to her husband’s case. He’s the one that tampered with evidence or bribed somebody or something, and now he’s awaiting trial.

But at the end of the day, Winehouse was released. Is it sad that I was hoping she got arrested for drugs and forced to undergo a drug test or something? At least then there’d be hope of a recovery for her.

Sad situation all around.

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Illegal Drug Use Down But Painkiller Use Up in Teens

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According to a study conducted by The University of Michigan Institute of Social Research, use of drugs like marijuana is down among teens, while the use of prescription painkillers has skyrocketed.

The use of hard drugs, however, like heroin and and cocaine has remained about the same. The same goes for drinking.

About 15% of 12th graders involved in the study admitted to abusing prescription painkillers within the past year.

This is dangerous stuff. Just because a drug is a prescription does not mean it can be taken for any old reason or for reasons not listed on the packaging. Always take drugs as directed.

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Don’t Do Drugs Before An Interview

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Doing drugs at any time is irresponsible behavior, but at least a lot of today’s drug abusers in Hollywood have the decency to light up on their own time and not just before an interview!

Go watch this video of James Franco talking about about his latest projects with MTV.

Wow, that’s all I can say. Between all the wobbling, smiling and mumbling, you’d think someone would have shut off the camera. And I thought he smiled an uncomfortable amount in Spiderman 3!

Mandatory drug tests before interviews? I think so!


Amy Winehouse In Trouble

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As you probably know by now, Amy Winehouse’s husband is in jail under suspicion of tampering with evidence. But just the other day she was photographed outside her home in just a bra and jeans, looking startled.

She says its because she heard noise, went outside and saw a slew of paparrazi, which may very well have been the case. However, her recent poor performances, drug abuse and other bad behavior make one raise their eyebrows.

Even though she said she’d never go to “Rehab,” this is one singer that could definitely use a stint in drug rehabilitation.