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Drug Testing For Those on Welfare?

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Now drug testing has its place and can be extremely beneficial in helping prevent or catch drug use and treat addiction. It’s great for parents wanting to know if their kids are using or for the workplace to keep things safe. However, when does it broach upon human rights?

Right now, there is a debate going on about whether or not people on welfare should undergo mandatory drug testing. Now I get it. The government doesn’t want people to be using government money to buy drugs, so they’d revoke the checks of those who test positive. It makes sense. But what about the children of these people? What will happen to them? Should they go hungry just because their parent is a drug user?

Drug testing in this regard seems like a sort of band-aid to the problem that will only burst open again later.

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Britney Breaks Down…Again

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Last night Britney Spears apparently had a breakdown of some sorts because she thought her manage Sam Lufti and her mother were staging an intervention. Oh no! You don’t say?

If anyone needs an intervention, it’s this girl. And I don’t just mean for her drug use, alcohol abuse and whatever else it is she does. The girl has been filmed speaking in a British accent. She’s most likely bipolar and might have other mental issues as well. She needs psychiatric help, stat!

But Britney isn’t going to listen to anyone–about her drug abuse or otherwise. Until she realizes she needs help or she will die, she won’t accept the help that is sometimes around her.

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Heath Ledger’s Death A Drug Wake Up Call

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It’s just sad. Whether you liked him or not, Heath Ledger was talented and much too young to meet the fate he has. Ledger passed away yesterday from a seeming drug overdose. At this time, it does not seem to be a suicide.

It is also unfortunate and unnerving when someone so young passes away so needlessly. Reports are sketchy about what he may have been under the influence of, but Ambien, and anti-anxiety medications have been named, along with possible over the counter sleep aids and perhaps even illegal drugs. No one will no for sure until a toxicology report is completed within a few week’s time.

If there is anything positive to come from Ledger’s death, it is that maybe people will more so realize the importance of following the dosage instructions on prescription medications and not mixing drugs. It is also said he had pneumonia at the time of his death, and Ambien is not recommended for people with respiratory issues. There are a million things that could have happened and only time will show what really happened.

Mixing drugs of any type is dangerous. But lectures aren’t important now. Now, it’s just sad.

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2008 Olympics The Cleanest Ever?

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According to Dick Pound of the World Anti-Doping Agency, the upcoming Beijing Olympics will be the cleanest in history. The cleanest when it comes to drug use, that is.

With a new “zero-tolerance” policy on drugs, the Olympics may prove to reveal many users of performance enhancing drugs, which would seem to show the programs are working. With more drug testing and more strict policies, could we hope to have an actual clean athletic event? You know, one where it doesn’t come out ten years later that the star athletes won because they were doped up? That would be nice, wouldn’t it?

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Musicians Take Steroids Too?

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Apparently that’s the claim! According to the NY Times, an Albany newspaper was quoted as having uncovered thousands of names linked to attempting to obtain steroids or human growth hormone. What I want to know, is why? What could this possibly do for a musician? Who was cited? Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Timbaland, Wyclef Jean and Tyler Perry to name a few. While none of these celebrities have been found to be doing anything illegal, it certainly makes one raise their eyebrows. I mean, why?!? While HGH has legitimate uses–in young teens that are not developing as quickly as they should, for instance–it is the misuse that can cause permanent damage. It is also a concern than many health spas and anti-aging facilities are prescribing the drugs without even meeting the patients. I wonder when people will learn that steroid abuse has actual harmful effects?

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Crossed Eyes Caused By Drugs?

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No, no, no! Larry Birkhead has been doing the public rounds again with daughter Dannielynn because apparently she is cross-eyed. He just had to go and tell a magazine that he asked the eye doctor if the condition could have been caused by Anna Nicole Smith’s use of certain medications while pregnant. This is, of course, not possible and it is much more likely caused by a genetic condition.

Come on, Larry! You knew this wasn’t the case from the get go. We all know he just wanted another attention-getting headline to grace magazine covers. He just wanted another paycheck.

I guess I’m a bit defensive because I was cross-eyed as a child. I wore an eye patch and it got better on its own. Simple as that. Nothing to write in a magazine about, that’s for sure. Definitely not worth dreaming up reasons for it involving drug abuse, either.

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Marion Jones Sentenced to Six Months

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Marion Jones, former Olympic athlete and medalist was sentenced to six months in prison for lying to federal investigators in Friday. Twice, she denied using performance enhancing drugs such as steroids and HGH. Because of these lies, she’s doing time.

Because of her drug use, she was stripped of her Olympic titles, as well, which included three gold and two silver from the Australian Olympic Games in 2000.

It is really unfortunate that athletes can no longer attempt to achieve greatness without resorting to illegal drugs, it seems. Hopefully this drug issue will be put to rest soon.

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Pacers’ Player Suspended for Drugs

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David Harrison, a basketball player for the Indiana Pacers was suspended for five games today for violating the anti-drug policy set forth by the NBA.

No details have been released as to the reason for his violation, but one can assume it has something to do with performance enhancing drugs such as steroids or HGH.

Harrison can return to play January 23 for a game against Chicago.

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Should Steroids and HGH Be Allowed?

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I know what you’re thinking: has Lena lost it? I am by no means condoning the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports but I just read an interesting opinion piece about how, perhaps the whole subject of steroid abuse is exaggerated. Norman Fost over at ABC News claims that the only reason steroids are unfair to use in sports is because they are not available to all athletes. He compares it to the use of greasy swimsuits by U.S. swimmers. Some how, I don’t think so.

Wearing special shoes or greasing up a bathing suit in one thing. Popping pills and injecting yourself with hormones is another. One has proven ill effects. The other is trivial, much like wearing a lucky pair of socks.

Interesting, nonetheless. What do you think of Fost’s argument?