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Celebrity Substance Abuse Drug Testing

Musicians Take Steroids Too?

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Apparently that’s the claim! According to the NY Times, an Albany newspaper was quoted as having uncovered thousands of names linked to attempting to obtain steroids or human growth hormone. What I want to know, is why? What could this possibly do for a musician? Who was cited? Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Timbaland, Wyclef Jean and Tyler Perry to name a few. While none of these celebrities have been found to be doing anything illegal, it certainly makes one raise their eyebrows. I mean, why?!? While HGH has legitimate uses–in young teens that are not developing as quickly as they should, for instance–it is the misuse that can cause permanent damage. It is also a concern than many health spas and anti-aging facilities are prescribing the drugs without even meeting the patients. I wonder when people will learn that steroid abuse has actual harmful effects?

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Pacers’ Player Suspended for Drugs

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David Harrison, a basketball player for the Indiana Pacers was suspended for five games today for violating the anti-drug policy set forth by the NBA.

No details have been released as to the reason for his violation, but one can assume it has something to do with performance enhancing drugs such as steroids or HGH.

Harrison can return to play January 23 for a game against Chicago.

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PGA Tour Rings In the New Year With Drug Tests

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Well, happy new year to you, too, PGA. I know that’s what a lot of golf enthusiasts and golfers must be thinking right now since this year will mark the first season the PGA Tour utilizes drug testing.

While some players are calling it “stupid” according to USA Today, others are reluctantly accepting it. As other sports scandals pop up due to steroid abuse, it is only logical that golf jump on the testing train. Fair is fair, after all.

So, are golfers doping up? We can’t know until the drug testing begins.