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Eagles Player Busted for Pot Possession

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Mike Patterson, a player for the Eagles should’ve known better than to be in possession of pot after seeing what his coach went through with his sons’ well-publicized drug problems.

The Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle was busted for marijuana possession on February 16 and had admitted to the cops that the pot was his. His charge is for possession of marijuana is for less than 50 grams. Due to the minimal amount of pot found on him, he will probably be slapped with a very small punishment.

Patterson is probably going to be made to enter the substance-abuse program that is facilitated by the league and would enter as a first-time offender.

In the end, that is the last thing coach Reid should be worrying about – one of his players having a drug issue after dealing with the issues within his own family.

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Barron Hilton Arrested for DUI

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Barron Hilton, the 18 year old brother of Paris Hilton was arrested the other day for DUI. He had a blood alcohol level of nearly twice the legal limit but considering he is underage, his should have been 0.

I don’t know what possesses people to think they are above the law and that they can get away with this sort of behavior but it just seems to continue, doesn’t it? With such reckless disregard for the safety of others, it is important that drinking and driving is not glamorized.

What do you think of the latest Hilton alcohol arrest?


Texan Busted for At-Home Steroid Lab

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A man from Pearland, Texas plead guilty after being caught for running and operating an illegal steroids lab in his home. He was producing up to 50,000 pills an hour and injectable drugs as well! This was a massive operation and since the man plead guilty, he will most likely get a deal so long as he cooperates with authorities and tells them all about covert steroid production.

More than 124 people were linked with this gigantic steroid operation. It will be interested to see how this one turns out. Who knows? Maybe this man can actually help put illegal steroid production to rest.

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Prescription Drugs To Blame in Ledger’s Death

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As you’ve most likely heard by now, it was a variety of a prescription drugs that led to the death of actor, Heath Ledger. He didn’t take many pills or commit suicide or anything like that. Rather, he took the prescribed amount of six different medications, several which are used to treat the same things, at approximately the same time.

Likewise, some of the drugs such as oxycodone and Vicodin tend to build up on a person’s system over time. This eventually led to a fatal amount in his system. It’s unfortunate. But it serves as a warning to all of the seriousness mixing prescription medications, even in the prescribed amounts.

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Sam Lufti Drugged Britney?

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Whoa! This is crazy! You know how Britney Spears’ family has a restraining order against her manager and “friend” Sam Lufti? Well the details of why this has occurred have come out and it looks like Lufti was a really bad influence.

According to the Telegraph, Lufti drugged Britney, took total control over her finances and encourage the paparazzi to hound her. He even made threats to her family that if they should try to remove him from Britney’s life, that she’d die.

He also apparently told her that she was a bad mother and basically fed her illnesses.

This is just really sad. Yes, she’s a public figure but she obviously has mental issues and needs help. Hopefully now that she’s in the hospital she’ll get the help she needs. That means getting her off of drugs and treating her mental illness.

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People in Perth Upset About Drug Ties to Ledger

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No doubt you’ve seen all over the news the rumors about Heath Ledger’s drug abuse and that video supposedly showing him at a drug party. I think this is disgusting. Let the guy rest in peace. He has a daughter. Does she need to remember him in this way? Certainly not.

It seems people from Ledger’s birthplace of Perth, Australia agree on this sentiment in that the media has done much to tarnish the young actor’s memory. According to the Associated Press, locals are “outraged” at all the media speculation regarding his drug use.

What I think is terrible is that no one even knows what he did or did not do. If the toxicology report comes in and shows he overdosed or what have you, then that’s the fact. That’s what happened and everyone can be done with it. Until then, it’s just in bad taste to speculate. And I’m done with my rant.