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Nine More Drug Dealers off the Streets

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Nine more drug dealers are now off of the streets in a Colorado drug bust. The Moffat County Sheriff’s department and the All Crimes Enforcement Team or ACET concluded one of the largest narcotic investigations the area has ever been involved in. Other parties involved in the bust were the Craig police, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, and the Fourteenth Judicial Attorney’s Office. They served a search warrant at approximately 8:00 p.m. on March 25, 2008.

As a result of the investigation, a total of nine Mexican Nationals, one legal and 8 illegal, were suspected to be operating the largest drug trafficking organization in the Northwest section of Colorado. Each was charged with distribution of Methamphetamine and/or cocaine. They were also charged with one weapons charge and possession of paraphernalia.

They were all residing in the Craig area, but they have been suspected of dealing drugs in Rout and Moffat and other counties throughout Northwest Colorado.

Now we can rest assured that even more drug dealers are off the streets and that lives have possibly been saved. This is a huge accomplishment in the war against drugs.

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Million Dollar Santa Maria Drug Bust Nails Six

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After a six month drug investigation, the investigation is now over. As a result, six have been arrested and $1 million in hashish and marijuana was seized

Participating in the investigation was the Santa Barbara Regional Narcotic Enforcement Team, the Narcotic Suppression Team, and federal officers. Together, this large drug bust was possible and more drugs were taken off of the street, keeping them out of the hands of young people and saving lives in the process.

Cash and weapons were also seized and the six Santa Maria men were taken into custody. However, another man from Santa Maria and one from Santa Barbara escaped being captured.

Police Chief Danny Macagni says that search warrants had been served on March 13 and that the drug bust was announced on March 26. At this time there is an ongoing investigation regarding the ties of one of the suspects to a Santa Barbara medical marijuana facility.

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3 People face over 30 charges in drug bust

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It seems like drug busts are becoming a more frequent thing. That is both a good thing and a bad thing. It’s a good thing because more drugs are being taken off the streets. However, it is a bad thing because that means there are still plenty of drugs on the streets.

In Chatham, North Carolina, three people were arrested and they are not facing approximately 34 charges. Those busted are Christina Marie Smith, 31, Michael David Sutton, 54, and Marcus Arnel Craven, 37. Twenty-eight of the charges that have been filed against them are felony charges. The charges include cocaine delivery, selling cocaine and conspiracy to sell and delivery cocaine.

A total of 68.6 grams of the drug was found.

Smith is in jail under a $140,000 bond and both Sutton and Craven are in under an $85,000 bond.

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Bladen County Drug Bust Nabs Six

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Six people didn’t have a very good Easter when they were busted with 20 pounds of cocaine that has a street value of more than $1 million.

The group that spend the holiday behind bars were charged with bringing cocaine into the area on March 20th in Bladen County North Carolina. The Sheriff, Steve Bunn, said that he has never seen a cocaine seizure of this size in his 30 year career. He has also said that he is not sure of the MO as to why the drugs were brought into the county, but what he does know is that the cocaine was distributed widely in the area.

Also seized were cars, four-wheelers, and a tractor that are destined to be sold to benefit the community. A percentage of the money is transferred over to the community to be used for purposes outside of the county’s budget.

It is hoped that crime in the area will decrease since drugs seem to be the driving force behind the crime rate in both Bladen and Columbus Counties. It is also felt that this bust will save a number of lives. There have been a lot of people on the street hurt by this drug bust because they were expecting to have the drugs delivered to them over the weekend.

As for the six who were arrested, it is currently being investigated whether or not they were in the country illegally because it appears that they are all Mexican natives.


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Landis Appeals Doping Ban

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We’ve all heard of the various doping issues going on in sports and this one is certainly no exception.
Cyclist, Floyd Landis, has made his final appeal against a doping ban that caused him to lose the 2006 Tour de France. Last year’s arbitration panel upheld the findings of a French laboratory that the 32-year-old cyclist had used synthetic testosterone when he won the 2006 Tour de France and failed a drug test.

Since then, Landis has upheld his innocence.

The finding by the laboratory promoted the International Cycling Union to strip Landis of his title after a ruling by the U.S. Anti-doping Agency in September. In turn, the prize went to Oscar Pereiro of Spain.
Landis has accused the laboratory of making procedural mistakes.

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Largest Drug Bust in King City History

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King City police accomplished the largest drug bust that their police department has ever encountered. As a result, they seized the drugs and the two men responsible for it. It is said that they are part of a bigger drug ring.

The raid that took place at 4:00 a.m. found 23 ounces of methamphetamine, $16,000 cash, and five ounces of cocaine. Three vehicles have been impounded because they were suspected of being the way in which drugs had been transported by the pair. The two men, Fujencio Aqino Anaya, 35, and Leogerio Sanchez medina, 28, were taken to Monterey County Jail.

The pair has also been charged with child endangerment because of the drugs being in plain view of young children.

Check out the news video below for more about this drug bust:

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Club raid results in 30 arrests, drugs found

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One student says he had to lie on flat on the ground for three hours in handcuffs after police raided an after-hours night club and seized drugs, according to the Toronto Star.

Dozens of police officers dressed in riot gear stormed the Comfort Zone soon after 6:00 a.m. and have stated that they seized drugs, but they are being silent regarding any other details. They have simply called the raid a routine sweep.

The police had taped a search warrant to the front door that said they suspected that GHB, marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine, ketamine, and PCP were amongst the drugs that were on the premises.

Out of the 30 arrested, drugs and money were confiscated. However, many within the club stated that many of the “main guys” were not present during the raid.

As for the Comfort Zone, a spokesman has said that the business doesn’t need to sell drugs because they are quite successful. They haven’t even sold liquor for five years since their liquor license was suspended. Furthermore, the spokesman said that ownership, staff, or management has no knowledge of any drugs being sold or purchased within the club.

Many speculate that the Chinese mafia has something to do with the drugs being trafficked in, but this has been stated as being not true.

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Mother Straps Drugs to Children

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Just when we think we have heard it all in the world of drug dealing, something else happens that makes our jaws drop. This one is certainly an eye-opener.

In the war against drugs being smuggled into the United States from Mexico, a Mexican woman was caught smuggling 15kgs of cocaine strapped to the legs of her children into England. Her attempt was thwarted at Heathrow airport after arriving from Mexico City.

The woman, Elisa Vazquez Sanchez, was arrested when the drugs were found and they were valued at £675,000. Sanchez will be remanded on March 18, 2008 to Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court. As for the children, aged 13 and 11, they have been placed with protective services. The 13-year-old boy has been released on bail for one month and the 11-year-old girl was released with no charge.

Which that does bring up the question of whether or not the boy could have disobeyed his mother without consequence, which has caused controversy over whether or not he should receive any kind of blame despite his age.

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Madonna Once Experimented with Drugs

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Madonna was just inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 10, 2008 and, during her acceptance speech, she admitted that she once experimented with the drug ecstasy. During the speech, Madonna shared some stories from the early days of her career.

The stories included such tales as when she once smoked a joint with her publicist Liz Rosenberg.

She also talked of the time that she had shared the ecstasy tablet with a music executive that was listening to her very first demo. Madonna, now 49, then changed her voice to sound like that of Michael Jackson and said she later went on to steal Jackson’s manager.

As for the drug use, indulging such information at her Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction may not have been a wise decision since young people still hail Madonna as the Queen of Pop. Surely, she would not encourage others to indulge in these drugs, but in a generation that is impressionable by celebrities, the difference is sometimes difficult to see.

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Aberdeen Drug Bust Finds Kids and Drugs

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Drug busts are bad enough, but throw kids in the mix and the problem becomes even worse.

That is what happened in Aberdeen yesterday. A lethal combination of children and drugs were found and 27-year-old Ardeen McGarry and 52-year-old Fausto Gonzalez were arrested for it.

The children, ages 2, 5, and 9, live in the home where they were in the company of $15,000 worth of cocaine. Some of this cocaine was within reach of the 2-year-old.

Both Gonzalez and McGarry are charged with several drug charges as well as three counts of contributing to abuse and neglect or minors.

The amount of cocaine found in the bust is a little unusual for Aberdeen, but the city definitely has a problem. A lot of its drug use has to do with Marijuana and meth. Cocaine isn’t all that unusual either, but heroin is starting to make a more frequent appearance within the city.

Police expect to see a population influx as the population changes, which means more drug use that will result in more drug busts.

As for the children of the Aberdeen cocaine bust, they are currently in protective custody.