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5 Arrested in Garner, NC for Drugs

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Garner, North Carolina nabbed itself five more from the drug world by seizing 5 grams of marijuana and 3.8 grams of crack.

It was a joint effort by the Drug and Vice Unit of the Wake County Sheriff’s Office and the Garner police.

Of those arrested were Clyde Gulley, 63, Lottie Smith, 58, and Donnell Smith, 39. All three of them were residents of the property at 106 Smith Drive. All were charged with possession and the intent to sell and deliver a controlled substance.

The other two who were arrested were Lolita Smith, 41, and Brandon Collins, 21. Neither one of them live at the residence, but were present on the property during the raid. Both were charged with the intent to sell a counterfeit controlled substance.

In the case of Clyde Gulley and Lottie Smith, this goes to show that even senior citizens are not immune to the lure of drugs on the street.

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Teenager possibly involved in drug shooting

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In Poinciana, Florida, a 16-year-old boy stole a handgun that belonged to his sister, a sheriff’s deputy, and shot another teenager during what was believed to be a drug deal, according to authorities.

Here’s how the story goes:

Young Joshua Brown stole a 9mm semiautomatic Beretta from his sister’s home, and lured 16-year-old Darwin Jose Rivera to an empty house in Poinciana on April 11, 2008 for a possible drug deal. However, Brown’s intentions were apparently to rob Rivera, so he pulled out the handgun and, when Rivera turned to run, Brown shot him in the back.

Rivera was taken to a nearby hospital with life-threatening injuries to his small intestine and two vertebrae. As of April 13, he was in stable condition.

As for Brown, he has been charged with first-degree murder, several drug charges, and robbery with a firearm. He is currently residing in the Polk County Juvenile Detention Center, awaiting his hearing in front of a judge.


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Gotta love hotel room drug busts

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Believe it or not, drugs are in Canada too.

On April 11, police received a tip that some people staying in a hotel were in possession of drugs. Not only that, but they had firearms on them as well. As a result of this tip, two individuals were arrested after a search of the room uncovered 65 oxycodone tablets, 35.8 grams of cocaine, a small amount of crack cocaine, cash, materials used to package drugs, drug paraphernalia, and three sets of digital scales. The drugs valued around $4,900.

Of those arrested was 32-year-old Heidi Debassige and 29-year-old Gary Saunders. Debassige had no known address, but Saunders is a Sault, Michigan resident. He was charged with a single count of possession of a controlled substance. Debassige was charged with two counts of possession with the intent of trafficking a controlled substance. She was also charged with two counts of resisting arrest and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

Thanks to the tipsters, there are two more drug dealers off the streets.

Michigan Drug Screening

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“Big Mouth” responsible for drug bust

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Twenty-one-year old Joshua Schlant has a big mouth. He has a mouth so big that he was in a United Dairy Farmer store in Cincinnati, Ohio and when a police officer came in to get a drink, Schlant screamed an expletive and the word “police!” The officer heard him and advised Schlant to go about his business and then leave the store.

However, Sgt. Randy Picadio said that Schlant said he didn’t care, that he had been to jail before, so he yelled the same words again. That is when Picadio asked Schlant for his I.D. and found that the young man had several outstanding warrants. So Schlant was frisked and there was Xanax found on him without a prescription.

Now Schlant is back in the same place where he said he had been before…jail. The charges? Drug possession. Fortunately, that is one less drug addict off of the street and he even had the nerve to indirectly tell on himself. His court hearing is on April 11, 2008.

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Bone-chilling details revealed about teenage drug use through text messages

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The power of the text message is quite amazing. In fact, police revealed a series of text messages that were sent in the hours prior and after a 16-year-old’s death due to a heroin overdose. What is even more fascinating, but scary, is that the text messages revealed that a 23-year-old friend of the victim, Henry Deeb Gabriel III, tried to cover up the January 6, 2008 incident as the teenager was at the hospital dying.

Apparently, Gabriel had text messaged an 18-year-old friend who had provided him and Madeleine Prevost, the teenager, with the drug. A text message from the 18-year-old, Diego Perez, said, “She died. We never saw you.” The following text messages talked about never mentioning the incident again.

Since then, Gabriel and Perez have been imprisoned. However, it has been found that Gabriel worked as an aide at the school system’s elementary campus until he was arrested. Prevost was a junior at the high school. Prevost’s mother was also a social worker at the elementary school, so she was a co-worker of Gabriel.

After doing the heroin, Prevost had returned home and her father had suspected that she had at least been drinking. He checked on her periodically, but the last time he had checked on her is when he noticed she was cold to the touch. Her parents tried to revive her, but they were not successful.

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Volunteer Drug Testing at School Aims to Keep Kids off Drugs

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There is great news for the community and the parents of Paso Robles High School students because the school is taking a stand against drugs landing in the hands of its students.

A new drug-free challenge has been issued by the Partnership for Responsible Parenting that is doing a volunteer drug testing program that will help the young people avoid drug use.

The parents sign up and their child could be randomly selected throughout the entire school year to have drug testing done. This is a wonderful step that other schools should follow suit. This can be the key to keeping many kids from doing drugs and is a wonderful tool for parents, the students, the community, and educational institutions. It is hard to say at this point how many lives could possibly be saved in the short and the long-term. If the program keeps kids from starting now, then they may never start at all.

And with results that are sent directly to the parents, the student will have to deal with consequences at home if it is found that drugs are in their system. This is a great way to put the parents in the “know” and make them more proactive in keeping their kids off drugs.