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9 Charged in North Chicago Drug Bust

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An undercover investigation has resulted in 9 individuals facing drug charges. The name was Operation Homestead and it was prompted by complaints from residents on the North Side of Chicago.

The five month investigation netted charges ranging from criminal drug conspiracy to delivery and possession.

Operation Homestead makes the 31st operation conducted by Chicago authorities this month that has resulted in arrests for drugs. It has taken many drug dealers off of the streets, therefore keeping drugs out of the hands of children and other individuals.


Chicago Drug Screening



Operation Jersey Barrier Lands 17 in Jail on Drug Charges

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17 individuals have been arrested on a number of drug charges after an eight-month investigation called Operation Jersey Barrier that took place in Norwich, Connecticut.

A number of agents from the Norwich Police Department, the New London Police Department, the Statewide Narcotics Task Force, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency, and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are amongst those involved in the coordination of four search and seizure warrants. In all, there were 60 people who took part in the raid to ensure that these drugs were taken off of the streets.

Amongst the charges filed are illegal trafficking of narcotics and guns. These charges resulted from 5 ounces of crack cocaine being found, 500 bags of heroin that were packaged for sale, and a number of guns being found.

As the investigation continues, the authorities involved anticipate that there will be more arrests in the near future.


Panama City Sees a Drug Bust

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Several individuals have been taken into custody in Panama City after two houses were raided as a result of a traffic stop.

The traffic stop yielded a pound of compressed marijuana and almost $5,000 in cash stashed inside the car. However, the authorities did have a search warrant for the home of one of the passengers in the car. Once inside his residence, authorities uncovered around 23 pounds of marijuana, which resulted in his arrest and the arrest of the car’s driver.

A second search warrant netted two other men who were staying in a hotel and had $12,000 in their possession.

With these two warrants and the amount of marijuana that was seized, both of these busts mark a significant victory for Panama City in the fight against drugs. Charges against these individuals include possession with the intent to distribute and maintaining a drug house.


Teen Trio Nabbed in Drug Bust

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Warren, Michigan has been in the middle of a huge drug crackdown and this crackdown has nabbed three more. This time they are teenagers.

After receiving a tip regarding illegal drug activity, officers from Warren’s Police Department picked up the trio. Their names are Tyra Ann Baker, Gerald Qyerinde, and Dominique White.

These three arrests are just the latest in the efforts of the community to report suspected drug activity. The residents have been commended by Commissioner Dwyer for their immense support on this drug crackdown. The reports of suspicious activity have picked up and more drug dealers are off the streets.

Michigan Drug Screening


Two Men in Jail after College Station Drug Bust

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College Station, Texas saw a drug bust that put two men in jail on Sunday July 6th, 2008. Three different law enforcement stations were involved. They recovered $8,000 and a plethora of illegal drugs inside of a residence.

The Brazos County Special Investigations Unit, the College Station Police Department, and the Bryan Police Department discovered 10 grams of Ecstasy, 28 grams of cocaine, 79 grams of marijuana, 42 grams of prescription drugs, and another 179 grams of marijuana that had been baked into brownies.

The two men arrested were 24 year old Marcus Ealomos and 25 year old Andre Day.