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Scott City, Missouri: Four Arrested in Drug Bust

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An early morning search warrant on August 18th resulted in four being arrested for drugs.

The suspects- three men and one woman – were arrested following an investigation by the Scott County Sheriff Department’s Criminal Investigation Unit. There was evidence that indicated that there was marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine in the residence.

Each were charged with possession of a controlled substance and of drug paraphernalia. There were five vehicles seized. However, this very same residence had experienced a warrant several months prior that had resulted in arrests and seizures, so the police had visited this residence before.

At least now this quiet neighborhood is rid of these drug dealers until the next group decides to move in. As long as Scott City stays on their toes, residents can rest assured, they will take down any dealers who decide to plaque the area with their disease.


High Profile Drug Busts in Georgia

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Lee and Dougherty Counties in Georgia have seen their fair share of high profile drug busts in recent times. Because of these many drug busts, the county has had to implement a system that helps them determine what to do with the items they seize from the criminals.

They have a system in which they can take the weapons and anything else that can be used by law enforcement and they convert them. This means that they recondition these weapons and make them into something that is useful. Being that the county has been able to seize many weapons, including hundreds of thousands of dollars, they have been able to gain valuable assets to the department.

As for the drugs, the drugs are destroyed once an investigation is completed. Just like many counties around the country, they are locked away so that unauthorized personnel cannot access them.


Drug Bust on Snoop Dog’s Tour Bus

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Not that it is a surprise that the name ‘Snoop Dog’ is used in the same sentence as the words ‘drug bust,’ but Snoop Dog wasn’t arrested in this near brush with the law. Two members of his entourage, however, have been arrested.

The bust, which took place in Dallas, happened when state troopers noticed that the tags on the bus had expired. This led them to pull over the tour bus and it was discovered that two individuals on the bus were in possession of marijuana. After this discovery, they were arrested and taken to the Navarro County Jail.

As for Snoop, he squeaked by on this one and was able to move on to his Dallas performance.