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Three arrested in Missouri drug bust

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The police in Columbia have arrested three individuals for possession of drugs within their home.

The Columbia police department SWAT team arrested Katherine Casey, 30, Jason kroner, 30, and Russell Erqhart, 37, for possession of drug paraphernalia, stolen property, and firearms. There were also a large amount of pharmaceuticals, property, and $750 in cash.

All three of those arrested have been convicted of possession with intent to distribute drugs. Kroner and Casey are facing charges of felony on suspicion of receiving stolen property.

As of this time, the investigation is still ongoing.


19 people arrested in Waynesboro, Virginia drug bust

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More drugs are off of the street as Waynesboro, Virginia authorities pulled more people in as a result of Operation Crackdown.

Operation Crackdown is an anti-drug and anti-gang program that is meant to make the streets safer and they are doing just that. What is even more interesting is that more arrests are expected.

Just before sunrise on Tuesday morning, the raids began. After the raids, 19 people had been arrested. A total of 10 organizations took part in this raid. As for what this program has done:

27 people are facing indictments so far and there are nearly 70 charges being faced by these individuals. These charges include weapon, drug, and stolen property charges.