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Celebrity Substance Abuse

David Ortiz Also Tested Positive!

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Early this year, we shared with you The Big Papi’s Steroid Plan, which called for the testing of every baseball player for banned substances, effectively scrapping the random testing practice in Major League Baseball. The Big Papi also wanted players who test positive to be banned for the entire season. This was in February, and the “plan” was shared by David Ortiz at the Red Sox spring training facility. What a difference 5 months can make; now, The Big Papi himself is on the hot seat.

Big PapiAccording to several reports, Ortiz is among 104 pro baseball players who tested positive during testing performed by an independent laboratory in 2003, the results of which were reportedly turned over to the players’ union, destined to be destroyed. Hesitation on the part of the union in destroying the tests resulted in the seizure of the samples by federal agents as part of an investigation into the use of performance-enhancing drugs by pro athletes. These samples are currently sealed by the court.

Ortiz and teammate Manny Rodriguez, who was given with a 50-game suspension this year, were among the athletes on the list. And Ortiz himself is reportedly surprised that he is on the list. He did not know that he had tested positive six years ago, and a call to the players’ union confirmed to him that the reports were true.

In a statement and during an interview, Ortiz has declared that he intends to find out exactly what substance he tested positive for, and that he intends to share what he learns with everyone. This is certainly a shocker for someone who has been an outspoken critic of steroid use.

It can be recalled, however, that Ortiz did say that he did not know whether he unknowingly took steroids in the Dominican Republic during his younger days. He also said that he had stopped purchasing protein shakes because he did not now for sure what these contained.

Early Disease Detection

Agent Orange Still A Factor in Disease

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Agent Orange, a defoliant used during the Vietnam War, has been linked to two other health conditions according to research by an expert panel. It appears that those who were exposed to the chemical are more likely to develop Ischemic heart disease and Parkinson’s. The 14 member team that made the report, a group selected by the Institute of Medicine, was given the task of researching if those exposed to herbicides used to defoliate stretches of jungle were more likely to contract diseases later.

The report, although its findings aren’t irrefutable, is expected to help veteran groups that have been making just such claims for many years gain coverage for Parkinson’s and ischemic heart disease among others. The institute of Medicine has found at least 17 such conditions to be connected to use of Agent Orange since 1994 alone, 13 of these are covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The report makes it clear that while certain chemicals are linked to Parkinson’s Disease research has yet to begin on veterans suffering the condition. Its findings on isometric heart disease ( a condition that causes heart damage by slowing blood flow to the heart and causing irregular heart beat) could also be unclear due to the  effects smoking, age and weight could have on the results.

Health & Wellness

How Does Home Testing Work With Medical Care?

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HairConfirmMost home testing supplies are not meant to be used as a way for people to treat themselves medically. They should be used in conjunction with proper medical care as a way for people to either spot problems that they may be having or to help treat a chronic condition. They are ideal for those who have chronic problems and need regular testing as they can eliminate trips to the doctor’s office. However, they should still work in conjunction with a physician.

Diabetics should, for example, still see their doctor on a regular basis, even if they continue to get good results from their blood glucose meters. Most doctors will ask that patients who have chronic conditions and who are using home testing supplies keep a record of their results. This can help a doctor know if the prescriptions that they are writing are working or need to adjusted.

Some home testing kits are made to be used in place of going a doctor. An example would be for pregnancy tests. They can not only save a woman time and money in checking with her doctor when she thinks she is pregnant, but they can also be a signal to get to the doctor so she can begin to get care when she finds she is pregnant. Home testing for ovulation or drugs can be done privately with the person using the results as a basis for medical care if needed. If you decide to get medical care because of the results of a home testing kit, you should be sure to tell the doctor which test you took and the results of the test. Most doctors will then test you again using more specialized testing equipment.

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What Type Of Home Drug Testing Is Available?

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icupEmployers are not the only ones who are testing for illegal drug use. Many parents are concerned about drug use with their kids and want to find a way to see if their teen is using drugs. One way to do this is to use home testing kits. There are several home testing kits that are on the market for different types of illegal drugs.

Parents who suspect that their child may be taking drugs can use the home testing kits as a way to see if there are drugs in the system. The length of time that drugs will stay in a person’s system depends upon the drug. The home testing kits test the drug through the urine, which eliminates the trace of the drug the quickest. When it comes to drug testing, blood testing and hair sampling are more effective ways to test for drugs as they pick up traces in the system for longer periods of time. However, at home drug tests can be used to test for drugs provided they are used soon after the drugs are taken.

Parents should also know that there are detoxification drinks that teens can take to disguise the color of their urine and pass the at home drug tests. Therefore, if a parent is thinking of giving an at home drug test to a teen, they need to do so on a random basis. In most cases, the home testing kit will pick up traces of the drug when present, especially if it has been in the system for less than three to four days. Parents who find that their children are taking drugs can then take the right measures to help prevent them from drug abuse in the future. As these tests are available to be used at home, it can eliminate a trip to the doctor for a worried parent.

Pregnancy & Fertility

Are Home Pregnancy Tests Always Accurate?

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1087_medOne question that women always ask themselves when using a home pregnancy test is if they are always accurate. You are more likely to get a false negative reading than a false positive reading when you are using a home test for pregnancy. A positive reading with a home test almost always means that you are pregnant.

Women who get a false negative reading often do not follow the directions for the test or take the test too soon. The PH levels have to get to a certain level where they will be picked up in the urine in order for a home pregnancy test to determine if you are pregnant. In some tests, it takes a week after you have missed your period before this can be determined through the test. In other tests, pregnancy can be determined a number of days after a missed period. Many women who get a false negative will take the test a few days after they have had intercourse to see if they are pregnant which can mean a false reading.

In some cases, a woman may be pregnant but may miscarry. This can lead to a positive reading, after which the woman gets her period. In cases where there is a positive reading, a woman should always see a doctor who can make the clinical diagnosis based upon an examination. In just about all cases when a woman finds that she is pregnant through a home pregnancy test, she will find that the doctor will concur with the results.

If you take a home pregnancy test and get a false reading and still do not get your period, you should take another test. There are some cases where stress can affect the cycle, especially in young women and this is generally not a cause for concern.

Early Disease Detection

Over The Counter HIV Testing

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1024_medMany people worry about contracting HIV, the virus that leads to AIDS. Even today, there is somewhat of a stigma with this disease that can be caught through blood or body fluid transmission. Many people are afraid to take a test to see if they have the disease. They do not want to go to the doctor for such a test because they are afraid of the doctor passing judgment against them. This can be especially true if the person lives in a small community and knows their family doctor very well.

There are home testing products that you can use to help clear your mind about getting the AIDS virus. These home testing kits are easy to use and very discreet. You can purchase a home testing kit for HIV and mail in your test in discreet packaging to a processing center. After your test has been processed, you will then receive your results in an equally discreet manner.

Many people who use the HIV home tests are very relieved to take the test and know that they do not have HIV. Those who do have HIV can see their doctor for medication. Thanks to the many advances that have taken place over the past decade when it comes to fighting AIDS, there are medications that can treat this condition. There have even been cases where those who were diagnosed with HIV managed to rid their body of the virus.

Instead of worrying about whether or not you have HIV and fearing the trip to the doctor, you can take a home testing kit that can give you the results that you want and, in most cases, rid your mind of worry.

Pregnancy & Fertility

Do You Have A Yeast Infection?

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Yeast-infectionMany women are bothered by what they think is a yeast infection. This can include a discharge from the vagina that is itchy and can have a foul odor. There are products on the market that can treat a yeast infection over the counter. The problem is that many women are misdiagnosing yeast infections when they really have a different type of infection, most often bacterial.

A bacterial infection can mimic a yeast infection in some women. There is both bacteria and yeast in the vagina and they are supposed to balance out one another. In some cases, the yeast or bacteria overgrows and causes an infection. There are home testing products on the market that can help a woman determine if she has a yeast infection or a bacterial infection. They work by testing the PH balance in the urine and are highly accurate.

Using a home testing product is a good idea to determine if you have a yeast infection, before you start to treat yourself for the condition. This way, you can be sure that this is what you have and do not treat yourself for a condition that is not present in your system. These home testing supplies can help you avoid making matters worse by treating yourself for a yeast infection if you are suffering from a bacterial infection.

Both of these type of infections are common in women. While yeast infections can be treated over the counter, bacterial infections need to be cleared up with antibiotics. Your doctor can prescribe antibiotics to clear up a bacterial infection, if this is the case, based upon the findings of your home test.

Health & Wellness

At Home Blood Pressure Tests

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bloodpressureAnyone who is worried about their blood pressure can use an at home test that can help them see if their blood pressure is in the normal range. Having high blood pressure can lead to many medical complications, including a stroke. It is important for people to monitor their blood pressure readings regularly.

There are various at home testing products that can make a trip to the doctor unnecessary. Rather than go to the doctor for a blood pressure test, you can use a home testing product so that you can see if your blood pressure is high, low or in normal range. These tests can help you understand your blood pressure and whether or not you need follow up care from a physician.

Those who have high blood pressure and who may be on medication to control hypertension can use home testing supplies to see if their blood pressure is in normal range. This can save countless trips to the doctor. A record should be kept of the blood pressure readings and reported to the doctor upon physical examination. This can help the doctor when it comes to giving you the accurate medication that you need to maintain a healthy blood pressure level.

Anyone who has a chronic condition should try to see if there are home testing supplies that they can use to save themselves a trip to the doctor while accurately keeping track of their medical condition. It is also important that anyone who is using these type of home testing supplies keep a record of their readings for their doctor. Home testing supplies are not meant to replace visit to the doctor, but to aid the doctor in providing you with the right care for your condition.

Pregnancy & Fertility

What Is The Best Home Pregnancy Test?

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1087_medHome pregnancy tests have been around for years and measure the PH balance in the urine to tell if a woman is pregnant or not. Most women today find out that they are pregnant through the use of a home pregnancy test. There are several different tests on the market that can be used at home for this purpose.

The best test for you is one that you can understand and will be easy for you to use. Some of them require that you urinate in a container and then place the instrument in the container to get a reading. Others will allow you to urinate right on the instrument for a reading. Some can work in as little as 5 days after a missed period. It is always advisable to test in the morning, if possible, to get the most concentrated urine for the test. Most of the home pregnancy tests are easy to follow and very accurate.

If you come up with a positive reading with a home pregnancy test, you are most likely pregnant and should see a doctor for follow up. If you get a negative reading but still do not get your period, you should repeat the test.

Pregnancy & Fertility

How Can I Tell When I Can Get Pregnant?

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1083_medMy husband and I were trying to conceive a baby for nearly a year without success. I wasn’t sure what time of the month I was ovulating and was getting frustrated at not being able to get pregnant. Fortunately, I found a home testing kit that was able to tell me when I was most fertile and had the ability to conceive. I used the kit that was easy to understand to find out when my body was ready for conception. We were able to conceive right away and I am currently six months pregnant.

I always knew the value of home testing kits when it came to pregnancy testing, but never understood how they could work so well when it comes to conception problems. Like most women, I thought I knew my body and that conception would occur naturally. It can get very frustrating for any woman when she is trying to get pregnant and is unable to do so because efforts miss the mark.

Women who are trying to conceive a baby, especially those who are in their 30s and may be trying to get pregnant for the first time, should consider using ovulation home test that lets them know the right time of the month for conception. There are certain days, usually mid-cycle, when a woman is more likely to conceive than not. Home testing can take a lot of the frustration and anxiety out of trying to get pregnant and can let a woman know, based on the PH levels in her urine, when is the best time for her to get pregnant.

The more anxious couples get when they are trying to have a baby, the more difficult conception can be. A home testing kit that lets you know when you are ovulating and most likely to get pregnant can be the answer for any woman who is trying to have a baby.