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Aberdeen Drug Bust Finds Kids and Drugs

Drug busts are bad enough, but throw kids in the mix and the problem becomes even worse.

That is what happened in Aberdeen yesterday. A lethal combination of children and drugs were found and 27-year-old Ardeen McGarry and 52-year-old Fausto Gonzalez were arrested for it.

The children, ages 2, 5, and 9, live in the home where they were in the company of $15,000 worth of cocaine. Some of this cocaine was within reach of the 2-year-old.

Both Gonzalez and McGarry are charged with several drug charges as well as three counts of contributing to abuse and neglect or minors.

The amount of cocaine found in the bust is a little unusual for Aberdeen, but the city definitely has a problem. A lot of its drug use has to do with Marijuana and meth. Cocaine isn’t all that unusual either, but heroin is starting to make a more frequent appearance within the city.

Police expect to see a population influx as the population changes, which means more drug use that will result in more drug busts.

As for the children of the Aberdeen cocaine bust, they are currently in protective custody.


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