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Is Medical Marijuana Going Mainstream?

A new weGrow store opened in Sacramento, California on Saturday, February 26, and a post on the CBS Health Blog asked an expected question: Is medical marijuana going mainstream?

The establishment, however, is not what people might expect of, or associate with, a “store.” You will not be seeing shelves upon shelves of weed, or various weed-based products, according to the post; so it will not exactly be a CVS or Walgreens or, for that matter, Wal-Mart – although the new weGrow store is already being referred to as the “Wal-Mart of Weed”. WeGrow will offer merchandise, as well as have how-to experts available, to help medical marijuana patients hydroponically grow pot.

marijuanaWhat will be available for sale are hydroponic growing equipment, and plant nutrients such as “Kushie Kush” and “Big Bud”. They will also offer classes on cultivating pot. At the weGrow opening, Frederick H. Nesbitt III whipped up omelets for the crowd, according to a feature on Nesbitt is the executive chef of, which specializes in marijuana dishes. The omelets he served that day, however, were of the “traditional” kind.

The weGrow store in Sacramento is a 10,000 square foot emporium. According to the Sacramento Bee, the weGrow enterprise began as a warehouse store in Oakland last year. This is a new direction for hydroponics outlets, as these initially avoided mentioning marijuana because cultivating pot is illegal under federal law. As more states approve the use of medical marijuana – there are now 15 states that allow its use to relieve pain and nausea for chronic conditions such as cancer an AIDS – an increasing number of hydroponics stores have also cropped up.

WeGrow Sacramento serves as a “beginning” of sorts for the company. They also intend to put up similar stores in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey and Oregon.

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