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Kentucky Man Needed Ride Home, Steals Ambulance!

What do you do when you need a ride home? Normally, we call a cab or ask someone to get us. Shane Hale of Kentucky, however, has a different idea — he needed a ride home, so he stole an ambulance in front of a hospital!

ambulanceThe crew of Perry County Ambulance told police they were inside Hazard ARH Regional Medical Center in central Kentucky for a few minutes, but they left the keys in the ignition. Hale jumped in the ambulance and took off. When the crew came back, the ambulance was gone.

Hale was later spotted on a highway by off-duty State Police Detective Chris Fugate, who noticed something unusual and decided to follow the ambulance. When pulled over, it was discovered that he was highly intoxicated. He wouldn’t say how much he had, but admitted he had some marijuana. He also said he just “borrowed” the ambulance and was going to return it in the morning.

Hale, who is being held at the Kentucky River Regional Jail on a $40,000 cash bond, is charged with theft by unlawful taking, operating a motor vehicle under the influence, criminal mischief and driving DUI on a suspended license.


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