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More Unique Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

In a previous post, we began sharing tips from WebMD Expert Dr. James Beckerman, an invasive cardiologist practicing in Portland, Oregon. These suggestions constitute small and livable lifestyle changes that can have a real positive impact when it comes to heart health; such changes are advisable in that they are, by nature, sustainable in the long haul, and thus have a real chance of being very helpful.

Here are a couple more tips.

health diaryExpress yourself through a blog. Expressing your thoughts and feelings, triumphs and tribulations, can be both liberating and therapeutic. In the days of old, people took to writing in diaries and journals, a very private form of self-expression. Nowadays, expressing yourself can be interactive and far-reaching, if you put these thoughts through a blog.

A lot of people now maintain blogs for a variety of reasons, and yours can be about keeping your heart healthy and being physically fit. You can share your frustrations and little successes, as well as provide and receive tips, to and from your readers.

Munch on pine nuts. Dr. Beckerman shared that generations of people who lived in Siberia – the coldest place in Russia – turned to pine nuts when there was a scarcity in food. Pine nuts contain the fatty acid pineolenic acid, which causes the release of hormones linked to appetite suppression: cholecystokinin(CCK) and glucagon-like peptide (GLP-1).

In addition to reining in your appetite, pine nuts have another side effect: it lowers a person’s risk of heart disease. Pine nut oil has been used for centuries by Russians and Chinese as an appetite suppressant, metabolism booster, and digestive aid, among others.

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