Substance Abuse

Study Shows Rise in Substance Abuse Among Teens

A report released by the Partnership at, formerly known as the Partnership for a Drug Free America, revealed that use of marijuana and ecstasy among teens has increased. In addition, attitudes toward alcohol consumption among teens have relaxed.

teen drug abuseAccording to a feature by Reuters, the number of teenagers who admitted to using marijuana in the past year increased from 32 percent to 39 percent, between 2008 and 2010. In the same period, the number of teens who admitted to using ecstasy in the past year increased from 6 percent to 10 percent.

Meanwhile, more high school students – 45 percent – indicated that they did not consider heavy daily drinking a “great risk,” compared to 31 percent who did not approve of peers who get drunk. The percentages were based on the results of a survey involving 2,500 high school students; of this group, 68 percent admitted to having had at least one drink in their lifetime, at the average age of 14.

The increase in substance abuse among teens is being attributed in part to normalization of the use of illicit substances in social media, the growing use and availability of medical marijuana, as well as budget cuts for substance abuse programs, as expressed by Partnership at director of strategy, Sean Clarkin.

Reuters shared the following statements from a phone interview with Clarkin: “There are very high levels of kids reporting that they are using drugs and alcohol to deal with stress… the net impact of all that puts an even heavier burden on parents who really need to play an active roll in preventing this behavior and knowing how to get help for a kid when they are abusing any of these substances.”


  1. Dude

    The only thing this will accomplish will be to drive the market underground and make the product therefore more expensive, and who do you imagine will be selling it??? Right the drug cartels will now have another product to sale. The people that support this nonsense don’t seem to mind that another freedom has been removed, as long as it isn’t something they enjoy. Before you Know Nothing Prohibitionists start spitting all over yourself, NO I do not condone the use of this synthetic crap, instead use the real god given plant Cannabis, it is safer.

    In reading these all these comments about synthetic drugs and Cannabis I am coming to realize there are two mindsets, one wants to have the government ban everything they disagree with and the other mindset says it’s the responsibility of the individual to decide what they ingest . One side supports personal freedom and the other side want’s to take it away.
    We can have a Free country or we can have a Drug Free country, we cannot have both.

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