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Isleton California Criticized Over Pot Farm

Isleton, a town in Northern California, drew criticism from a grand jury over its decision to approve a plan to put up a medical marijuana town in their locality.

A report by Reuters shared that a grand jury in Sacramento County pointed out that the decision constituted a disregard for federal law. There is, it was mentioned, a conflict between state and federal laws in California; with the legalization of the use of medical marijuana, the possession and cultivation of small amounts of pot for medical purposes is considered legal. However, as far as federal law is concerned, pot – regardless of its use – is basically illegal.

marijuana farmBecause of this disparity between state and federal laws, various pot dispensaries and greenhouses in California, as well as in other states, have been at the receiving end of raids conducted by federal authorities. These raids, according to the report, are aimed at taking down supposed medical marijuana suppliers who are into large-scale drug trafficking.

The grand jury report, which was released on Monday, indicated that the town of Isleton (population: 850) was assured of an annual revenue of $600,000 by Delta Allied Growers, a company that was developing a pot farm in the area. The money, it was mentioned, would be used towards upgrading the town’s current two-person police department, as well as towards maintaining security at the marijuana farm.

The report indicated that the approval was made by the town on the grounds of a “promise of money and jobs,” but added further: “They forgot the old saying, ‘If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

The report, however, can only recommend and rebuke; no charges relating to the project have been made so far.


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