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“Lazy Cakes” Deemed Unsafe by FDA

There is nothing more satisfying than chomping down on good ole’ brownies when you need to feel just a little bit better, but the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is after brownies that pack in a little extra punch.

“Lazy Cakes” and “Lazy Larry” brownies are available at convenience stores, and they hold the promise of helping you “make your problems away.”

“Lazy Cakes” (and other products like it) is laced with melatonin, a hormone that is a commonly found in sleeping aids. The FDA has deemed these “treats” as unsafe, and has warned the manufacturer via a letter that the agency may remove them from store shelves.

Also the subject of suspicion is relaxation drinks, which are said to also contain melatonin. Reports of cases where kids have gotten sick by ingesting these brownies have triggered bans in the state of Arkansas, as well as two towns in Massachusetts.

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