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The Apple iPhone: Your New Medical Buddy

Picture this: you are away on business, but your doctor only gave you the go-ahead with the condition that you need to monitor your blood pressure or your blood sugar levels and keep your doctor informed about your status at regular intervals. Sounds cumbersome? It may not be soon.

Apple logoApple’s announcement last week of a new operating system for the iPhone – iPhone OS 3.0 – comes with new capabilities and applications that will make these activities a breeze for iPhone users. Aside from being your mobile business assistant, the iPhone may also become your medical assistant in the near future.

Two of the more interesting applications are for blood pressure and blood sugar monitoring. A blood-pressure cuff can be plugged into the iPhone connector, and an application will then take care of delivering the controls needed for inflating the cuff and measuring a person’s blood pressure. If you think that’s amazing, the iPhone OS 3.0 will take this one step further, by having the ability to send the results to the person’s attending physician using 3G technology. This way, the doctor can perform remote real-time monitoring of a person’s medical status and make changes to medication as soon as it is needed.

The other application is for testing blood sugar levels. The application can tie a blood glucose test to an iPhone. The connection will enable a diabetic iPhone user to download the results where it can be read as a graph.

The iPhone will also have the ability to connect the user to real-time information which will help determine whether there is a need to adjust insulin or medicine intake, as well as to other iPhone users or community of experts who can provide feedback and input on how to manage diabetes.


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  2. Domyresearch

    Wow that’s fantastic!

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  3. Shawn

    I love the fact that so many developers are taking such an interest in the iPhone, but what I don’t understand is where have all these great ideas been for the past 8 years since Apple released OS X? They’ve had more robust tools, numerous input and output methods, various data transfer protocals an many millions more installed users!
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m egstatic to see the interest in the platform, I’m just pissed at how long it has taken some of these incredibly important industries to wake up and see it’s potential.

  4. jakeZ

    “This way, the doctor can perform remote real-time monitoring of a person’s medical status and make changes to medication as soon as it is needed.”

    Yeah right. I can’t even get an appointment for a check-up without a weeks notice.

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  6. Trifecto

    Yes, it does have MMS. This stuff is awesome, soon I will see many doctors/nurses using this amazing gadget.

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  9. Niall

    Apart from using the iphone this tech is not new. I worked for a company doing this on Java and Symbian. They have had a product available for about 5 years now.

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  11. Greg

    Does anyone know if a blood pressure kit for the iPhone 3GS is available? Any info/link would be very helpful. Thanks.

  12. Apple News

    That’s unimaginable, right?! The iPhone never used to be anywhere like that. I am old enough to think back to the very first that even had input support and two clicks buttons, forget all this stuff they have now.

  13. Kevin

    I am still waiting for the blood pressure cuff? Is anyone out there seriously developing it? It has almost been a year and no word on it.

  14. Dipu' Ganguly

    I would also like to know if there is a blood pressure monitoring kit available for the iPhone.



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