$3 Million Drug Bust Resulting from Traffic Stop

Summit County, Utah deputies found over 430 pounds of marijuana with a value of approximately $3 million in what started out as a simple traffic stop.

The driver of a pickup truck was speeding down Interstate 80, when he all of a sudden cut in front of a deputy. The deputy, then suspicious, began following the driver after the driver had pulled behind a semi truck and was following at a distance that was considered to be unsafe.

Once pulled over, the driver told the deputy that the pickup truck actually belonged to a friend, but would not give the friend’s name. After retrieving his police dog from his car, the deputy allowed the dog to sniff the truck. The dog indicated that there were drugs present. Highway patrol soon arrived and the entire 430 pounds was found throughout the truck.

An investigation revealed that the drugs were being transported to Minnesota. The man was then taken into custody and three more suspects were arrested in Minnesota for trafficking a controlled substance.

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