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Andrew “Test” Martin Died of Oxycodone Overdose

Controversy surrounded the untimely death of former WWE star Andrew “Test” Martin last month, a few days shy of his 34th birthday. Now, toxicology reports from the Medical Examiner’s Office in Hillsborough County, Florida, reveal that Martin died due to an overdose of Oxycodone.

Andrew “Test” MartinAndrew Martin was found dead in his home in Florida after a neighbor noticed that he has been sitting motionless on his couch for hours and called emergency services. A search by police yielded steroids and painkillers in the star’s apartment.

It was revealed that Martin has been struggling with an addiction to painkillers for years and has undergone treatment to try to rid himself of the habit. He was dropped from the WWE roster in 2007 after testing positive for testosterone following a suspension, and was arrested for DUI a couple of times.

Despite all his problems, however, Andrew Martin was consciously trying to pull himself together. WWE offered a helping hand a number of times, and Martin entered the Hanley Center of Recovery in West Palm Beach in August last year with the help of WWE.  He completed the program the following month, only to be hospitalized a month later due to rhabdomyolsis, a condition of the muscle and kidney that is sometimes caused by too much work out.

Outside of professional help, he was also trying to detoxify and rehabilitate himself on his own, although he failed repeatedly. He went back to wrestling in January with a trip to Japan and was scheduled to leave for France and Belgium for more shows at the time of his death.

Andrew Martin was interviewed for a documentary that included deaths at a young age in pro wrestling in 2007. He recounted the pressures and difficulties of the pro wrestling life, such as being on the road all the time, and how all these difficulties can lead to dangerous lifestyles. He was quoted as saying he didn’t want to go the way some of his colleagues have gone.

The WWE has witnessed a number of drug and overdose-related deaths among its stars, and has adopted stricter testing and rules, particularly after the death of Eddie Guerrero in 2005.

Andrew Martin’s remains have since been cremated and flown home to his native Whitby in Ontario, Canada. A family funeral service has been set for April 25, according to Martin’s father Robert.

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