Substance Abuse

Substance Abuse Treatment Center Opens in San Clemente, California

An innovative alcohol and drug addiction treatment center recently opened its doors in San Clemente, California. 449 Recovery offers outpatient treatment based on accepting and respecting people who need assistance in recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

449 Recovery has four opportunities available for those seeking treatment: Intervention, Detox, Group Therapy, and ongoing Outpatient Treatment. Someone who is struggling with substance abuse may draw inspiration to undergo treatment by consulting a professional. Seeking help does not necessarily mean having to spend too much, as there are also low-cost intervention services available.

After a patient is admitted, most of them may require a medically-assisted detox program. Group therapy and an ongoing customized treatment, on the other hand, are important in achieving – and sustaining – sobriety.

Rodney Robinson, CEO of 449 Recovery, shared: “We have created a true culture of caring to give our clients the tools they need to live a life in recovery… Our plan recognizes the strengths of those in need and also respects their dignity as they move through the process of recovery.”

Patients who seek help from 449 Recovery receive assistance from counselors who only know all too well what they are going through, as all the counselors are former addicts themselves.

Thurman Hines, Director Patient Care, shared: “We have seen far too much and heartbreak resulting from drug and alcohol addiction. But we have also seen many miraculous turn-arounds when our clients apply themselves to The 449 Plan.”

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