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Indiana Teens Talk About Drug Problems

Officials, politicians, and law enforcers from La Porte County, Indiana, gathered on March 6 to listen to teenagers talk about the drug problem currently faced by the county.

Tuesday’s event was the fourth drug-free roundtable discussion conducted by the city, aptly called “Let the Teens Talk.”

A number of adults, however, also shared their own perspective about the issue, among them Sandra Miller, whose son Jordan Warnock recently passed away after overdosing on heroin.

She spoke after listening to teens speak, and addressing both parents and teens, she said: “It doesn’t matter who you are. You know right and wrong… You need to speak up. Be a friend. You have to get over that fear.”

Serving as mediator of the discussion is D.E. “Sonshine” Troche, the director of the Worthy Women’s Recovery Home. She knows all too well what life with drugs is, having dealt with people struggling with drug abuse for years – and having been an addict herself, even as a teen. She told the teens in attendance: “Share whatever is in your heart. I’m going to break it out of you. I want you to talk.”

Blair Milo, Mayor of La Porte, expressed gratitude for the large turnout of teens at the event, but she also said that “It is heartbreaking to hear what is going on around you every day… I’ve been talking to the community about a year now. We have a panel of people who are or have been around substance abuse.”

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