Substance Abuse

Actor Martin Sheen Shares Advocacy for Addiction Recovery at Western Michigan University

Acclaimed actor Martin Sheen recently visited Western Michigan University and rendered a speech which mentioned about his passion in supporting drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

Sheen was the keynote speaker for the annual Coming Together Conference which was hosted in collaboration by The Healing Center, The Drug Treatment Court Foundation of Kalamazoo County and the College of Health and Human Services Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug abuse.

“Acting is what I do for a living. Activism is what I do to stay alive,” said Sheen.

Sheen had once publicly battled alcoholism. At one point while filming Apocalypse Now, he appeared on the set heavily drunk.  But he later reached his breaking point and called for help.

In his speech, the 72-year-old actor expressed his thankfulness for people who understand substance addiction as a disease.

“The conscious goal I have for each and every one of you is to find a passion and pursue it with everything you have,” Sheen added. “My goal for you today is to keep on keeping on.”

Coming Together, through its annual conference, hopes to reduce the stigma associated with treatment and recovery, while facilitating conversation and partnerships with a variety of community organizations. They aim to raise awareness of the programs and outreach services available in the community for those children, families, and individuals struggling in the shadows of addiction.

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