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Jenny McCarthy Discloses Drug Addiction Days

Former Playmate Jenny McCarthy releases a new book which details how she once became addicted to prescription drugs.

McCarthy, who began her career as Playboy magazine model, opens up about her struggle with drug addiction during her heydays wherein she experimented on substances including Ecstasy and Vicodin.

An excerpt from her book, cited on Celebuzz.com, recalled one drug-fueled trip to Hawaii with a group of Playmates which turned into a lesbian tryst.

“Holding up drugs in front of a group of Playmates was like holding up an arm to a cannibal tribe,” McCarthy wrote. “We jumped on the box fighting to get as many little white capsules as possible. Instead of saving some for later, we all pounded at least five at once.”

McCarthy also revealed on her book that instead of checking into a rehabilitation facility to seek treatment for her addiction, she tackled withdrawal symptoms by sweating it out.

Aside from modeling and acting, McCarthy is also an advocate of Autism-related causes. She wrote “Louder than Words: A Mother’s Journey in Healing Autism” which chronicles her own experience dealing with her son who was diagnosed with autism in 2005.

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