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How Washington’s New Pot Law Affects Workplace Drug Policy

Drug testing has become common practice in the workplace for years. But with Washington’s new marijuana legalization law, are employers going to change their workplace drug policy anytime soon?

Several Washington businesses told News10 that the new pot law isn’t going to change the way they do business.

“Use of marijuana by Boeing employees is prohibited regardless of state law,” said Cathy Rudolph, from The Boeing Company.

Costco, one of the largest retailers in the US, said they will continue to drug test employees despite Washington voters’ approval of recreational marijuana use.

“Drug testing is a requirement to be hired,” said Costco Senior Vice President and Chief Legal Officer Joel Benoliel. “Nothing will change. Marijuana is illegal under federal law.”

However, things may be a little different for the Seattle Police Department. They said they will review their hiring practices, policies, and procedures for existing employees in light of the new state law.


  1. Larry Jankowski

    Would you want your neurosurgeon to toke up before your brain tumor operation because it "calms his nerves?" Actually, that possibility is really remote, because the most successful members of society stay straight and will always pass up the stoned living in the slow lane.

  2. Logan Lynn Holladay

    If there is a way to show that a person is under the influence at the time in question, ie: working, operating a vehical etc. Like alcohol, People go home kick up thier feet and relax. some people have a few drinks, some people get drunk get drunk.
    Either case they are safe at home. They detox overnight. Hopefully (hangover in my opinion is still drunk) detoxed for a day at work. Now a blood or urine test would show alcohol in my system but am I under the influence? Marijuana stays in the body for so long. Someone could be at a party getting drunk and foolishly take a few tokes on a joint. Then Monday at work through a lotto get summoned to take a random drug test. 20 year employee gets fired for a one time use. It happens every day. Now we are talking about a legal prescription vs. Drug policy at work. I wouldn't want a hungover doctor working on my brain either. what this boils down to is this we are in the middle of the war between two sides. To legalize or not to legalize. I suggest watching Ken burns documentary prohibition. Well this issue won't be solved over night and I'm not necessarily for legalization of pot. But the laws that are in effect like medical use or if a state has legalized it. My employer shouldn't have the right to fire ME if what I do at home is legal!!!!!!!!! What if my employer said that if I come up positive for alcohol whether I'm under the influence or not. Is discriminatory

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