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Exclusive Interview: Myers Counseling Group Owner and Licensed Therapist Explains the Impact of Drug Addiction to Families, Community, and Schools

Drug addiction is a disease that affects not only the drug addicts, but also the people around them and the community in which they are part of. According to Mark Myers, owner of Myers Counseling Group, a person who abuses drugs experiences a wide range of emotions when on, coming down, and seeking out drugs. Some of these emotions include depression, anger outburst, an delusional thinking.

“Addiction could lead to arrests, family violence, divorce, and loss of income,” Mr. Myers said. “Children of abusers could experience challenges growing up in this environment that could reach well into adulthood and their relationships.”

Mr. Myers is also a therapist at Myers Counseling Group. He is a certified alcohol and drug counselor, providing counseling services to individuals, couples, children, and adolescents for a variety of areas, ranging from drug and alcohol abuse to anger management issues.

“The community will see the impact through crime statistics. The crimes could be break-ins, robberies, thefts, forged prescriptions, crimes under the influence (violent), domestic violence, car accidents, assaults, and trips to the emergency room for overdoses,” Mr. Myers added.

TestCountry’s interview with Mr. Myers also touches on the increasing use of synthetic drugs and prescription drugs by teenagers; other disorders that may potential exist with addiction; keys to a drug user’s recovery; and how drug addicts can continue to grow after recovery.

To read the full text of the interview, visit Exclusive Interview with Myers Counseling Group on Drug Abuse.

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