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Exclusive Interview: LOCKMED Efforts to Help Reduce Prescription Drug Abuse

Anti-prescription drug abuse campaigns have been very clear about their message: lock up your prescription medicines properly so they don’t land in the wrong hands!

Whether it’s those prescription drugs at home or in doctors’ offices, there has to be a way to keep them out of reach of people who could potentially end up misusing and abusing them.

In an exclusive interview with LOCKMED founder, Dr. M. Bud Lateef, we learned that about 70 percent of those who abuse prescription drugs are getting the medicines directly from friends and family. Popular notion is, patients prescribed with painkillers are most likely to abuse their medicines. Partly true, but a string of research and media coverage has strongly indicated the growing problem of prescription drug abuse by teenagers and young adults.

“Prescription drugs are the second most abused substances after marijuana, and the National Survey on Drug Use and Health in 2009 found that 16 million people ages 12 and older had used a prescription drug for non-medical purposes,” Dr. Lateef noted.

Dr. Lateef advised people to securely store their prescription pills at home even if there are no children in the household. That is to prevent “unauthorized access to medications by friends, co-workers, or people who work around the home.”

LOCKMED develops high-quality lockboxes for personal and professional use. Its goal is to safeguard the nation’s medications and discourage prescription drug abuse.

To read the full text of the interview, visit Exclusive Interview With Dr. M. Bud Lateef.

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