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Marijuana Smokers in Colorado Gathered at Private Smoking Clubs for New Year’s Eve

Dozens of Coloradans flocked to private smoking clubs to welcome the year 2013. But instead of holding a glass of champagne, what they have is marijuana.

In Denver, people filled out an online form and paid $30 to become members of Club 64, a private marijuana club named after Colorado’s new marijuana law, the ABC News reports.

“It went really well,” said Robert Corry, an attorney who serves as general counsel for the group and helped shape the language of Amendment 64. “We rented out a retail shop for the evening. We had a DJ, music, some dancing, there was a bar and people brought alcohol, people brought food. It was a very warm, fun, happy evening.”

Corry added that the idea for a members-only club had been in the works for years, and that Amendment 64 had been designed specifically to allow for groups of private smokers. He’s hoping they will eventually have a spot that functioned like a bar with a food and drink menu. He also said he hopes that Club 64 will eventually be able to sell marijuana to its members.

It will be recalled that Colorado residents voted for the passage of Amendment 64 during November’s election, and this year the state legislature is expected to establish guidelines governing the licensing and selling of pot commercially.

In the town of Del Norte, a coffee shop called White Horse Inn received a small crowd of New Year’s Eve revelers who lit up marijuana. The club’s owner, Paul Lovato, said he’s goal is to operate a shop that would sell T-shirts, bumper stickers, and other pot-related gifts in one building on his property. In another building, he will offer a “smoking den” area with booths where guests can drink good coffee and smoke marijuana that they bring with them. However, just a day after its opening, 9News reports that the place had shut down because of a landlord dispute.

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