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U.S. Navy Warns People About the Dangers of Bath Salts Through a New Video

The U.S. Navy has launched a new drug prevention video, this time, it tackles the popular synthetic drug bath salts.

The public service announcement is part of the Navy’s campaign against drug use and  abuse. It shows a Sailor snorting bath salts and later starts to vomit and experience violent hallucinations.

“I would say not just as the naval officer, but as your doctor, bath salts will not only jack up your family and your career, it will jack up your mind and body too,” said Navy Medicine psychiatry resident Lt. George Loeffler at the Naval Medical Center San Diego.

Lt. Loeffler enumerated the adverse health effects of bath salts use including lack of appetite to kidney failure, muscle spasms, severe paranoid delusions, and psychosis. Several cases of long-term inpatient hospitalization and suicide have been reported and Loeffler has firsthand experience treating service members at Navy military treatment facilities with these symptoms.

Bath salts are chemicals that mimic the effects of cocaine, LSD or methamphetamine. They are sold in many convenience stores across the country, as well as in a number of online stores. Reports of severe intoxication and dangerous health effects associated with use of bath salts have made these drugs a serious and growing public health and safety issue.

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