15-year-old Boy Gunned Down Family Members in Their New Mexico Home

As the debate surrounding Obama’s proposed gun control regulations continues to heat up, a new shooting spree has occurred in one of the neighborhoods of New Mexico. This time the gunman is a 15-year-old and the victims were his own family members.

Nehemiah Griego, described as “bright and incredibly talented young man” by a relative, killed his father, mother, brother, and two sisters over the weekend using two different rifles, the CNN reports.

Investigators said the teenager also planned to proceed “at a Walmart” store to randomly shoot people and die in a shootout with police. Nehemiah also confessed that he was “frustrated with his mother,” but did not give further explanations.

According to the arrest affidavit, Nehemiah first shot his mother, Sara Griego, while sleeping with his 9-year-old brother Zephania who was awakened by the incident. The teenager showed Zephania the bloody face of their mother, after the latter refused to believe that their mother was dead. Zephania apparently got upset which prompted Nehemiah to shoot him as well. He then went to his sisters’ bedroom and shot both in the head. All four victims were killed using a .22-caliber rifle.

The teen used an AR-15 rifle in killing his father Greg Griego, a former pastor at Calvary Church.

Police said Nehemiah will stand trial as an adult on charges of murder and child abuse resulting in death.

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