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Exclusive Interview with Fitness Trainer and Consultant Marci Warhaft on Healthy Living and Body Image

We all know that life isn’t fair — in the sense that some people are born with good skin or a slim body frame, while others have to work extremely hard, and sometimes go under the knife, just to achieve that to-die-for looks. Adding weight to that fact is how the society puts premium on physical attractiveness and the media’s portrayal of aesthetic appeal as being everything. These are among the reasons that urge many of us to go on crash diets or unhealthy makeover — all for the purpose of looking and feeling great.

But do we really feel great when we have to constantly count the calories in our food or when we have to drag ourselves to the gym everyday just because someone says it’s going to get us lose weight faster?

Marci Warhaft, the woman behind Fit vs. Fiction, says our fitness goals shouldn’t be founded by the desire to fit in body-hugging clothes, but “should be about FEELING strong and healthy.”

Ms. Warhaft explains that body image issue isn’t only a woman’s thing. Children as young as eight, as well as boys, also go through body image anxieties. And if the problem isn’t healthy for grown ups, the more it becomes a concern for kids especially when they start skipping healthy food.

“It seems like you can’t flip open a magazine or turn on the TV without being inundated with images of impossibly beautiful, seemingly flawless women,” Ms. Warhaft says in an with TestCountry. “As a result, so many young girls feel like they just don’t measure up and become desperate to change the way they look, even at the risk of damaging their health through risky weight loss behaviours. The same goes for the boys.”

Admittedly for many parents, talking with their kids about body image doesn’t come easy. But Ms. Warhaft says there are several ways to approach the topic without sounding “overly serious or intense.” She offers helpful conversation starters; enumerates warning signs that parents can watch out for in kids who are going through body image anxieties; and discusses steps to live with a healthier body image.

To read the full text of the interview and learn more about body image, visit Exclusive Interview with Marci Warhaft.

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