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Country Singer Mindy McCready Released from Rehab Facility

Country music singer Mindy McCready was released from a medical facility on Feb. 7 and has been required to complete up to 21 days of outpatient treatment.

McCready was ordered by a judge during an emergency hearing on Feb. 6 to be committed to a treatment facility to cope with alcohol and mental health issues. But a day later, she was allowed to leave rehab and permitted to undergo an outpatient program.

“She was released because they think she is mentally stable enough, and she was tested for drugs and alcohol and everything came up fine,” a source tells E! News. “One of the reasons they released her is she didn’t have any symptoms of what an alcoholic would have. There were no signs she had a problem to the doctor.”

In addition to completing the 21-day outpatient treatment, McCready will also need to submit herself to drug and alcohol testing.

According to a petition filed by Tim McCready, Mindy’s father, the 37-year-old country singer stayed in bed for three weeks, “Sleeps all day. Drinks all night and is taking Rx drugs” following the Jan. 13 death of her boyfriend, David Wilson. Because of her condition, her two children were taken from her custody by the Arkansas Department of Human Services.

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