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Medical Marijuana Certification Center Opens in Monroe, Michigan

A medical marijuana certification center with a clinic-like setting has recently opened on Telegraph Rd. in Monroe, Michigan. Its mission is to assess whether a patient has a legitimate need for medical marijuana or just wants to get “high.”

Chronic ReLeaf employs doctors that review patients’ medical records to determine if their condition warrants the use of medical marijuana. After certification, patients will be able to apply for a Medical Marijuana Registration Card through the State of Michigan to avoid getting prosecuted for pot use or possession.

Sabrina Collins, co-owner of the certification center, told Monroe News that they are getting a lot of visitors, but made it clear that their business is a certification center and not a marijuana dispensary. She said senior citizens, cancer patients and others with chronic illnesses are resorting to marijuana to ease their conditions. She believes the city has a pain problem and that medical marijuana would be a “safer alternative to any pain pill out there.”

Chronic ReLeaf accepts walk-in patients and those with appointments. They will be asked to fill out a medical history sheet which will be reviewed by one of the center’s physicians. The certification fee is about $150.

“A lot of people come here because of chronic pain,” Collins added. “I was surprised to see all the people. There is a wide range of patients.”

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