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Reigning UFC Lightweight Champ Favors More Testing for Performance-Enhancing Drugs in MMA

Current UFC Lightweight Champion Benson “Smooth” Henderson is all for keeping the sport free from drug-using fighters, even if it means increasing testing for performance-enhancing drugs.

“I’d be for increased testing,” Henderson told MMAFighting.com. “It keeps the playing field even. It makes it so guys have to do a better job of either hiding it, or just not taking it. I think a lot of guys would actually just do a better job of hiding.

The 29-year-old lightweight fighter is proud to be one of the few “clean” athletes competing professionally in the sport of mixed martial arts. So it’s not surprising that he advocates extensive blood testing and random testing to foil fighters who try to gain an edge by taking steroids, testosterone and similar banned substances.

During a conference at the UFC Fight Club last month, Henson described fighters who use PEDs as “mentally weak,” saying they lack “that fortitude to push through and say, ‘Yeah, I didn’t do this, but I’m still going to beat your butt.’”

Since October, there have been more than ten documented failed drug tests or Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) exemptions handed out by the UFC. Dana White, UFC president, recently sent a warning to those fighters abusing testosterone to watch out because they’re going after them.

“That being said, I’d be for more rigorous testing,” Henderson said. “They want the blood doping testing? We can do that, too. I’m cool with that. Random testing? I’d be for that.”

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