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Exclusive Interview: “The Stateless Man” Host Talks About Freedom and Criminalization of Recreational Drug Use

In a perfect world, people could do anything they please without the fear of going to jail. They could eat anything they want without being told it’ll make them fat or increase their risk for certain diseases. They could get a job without being discriminated against based on color, race or physical abilities. That world, however, can exist only in our imaginations. Because in reality, people have to abide by various laws that sometimes do not make much sense. We are forced to consider many options and opinions that unwittingly interfere with our freedom to live.

Speaking of freedom, one man who faithfully advocates personal sovereignty is The Stateless Man host Fergus Hodgson. And we’re lucky to get his opinion about one of the most controversial issues we face today; the decriminalization of drug use.

“The drug war is terribly destructive to freedom in the United States, since it requires millions of people to forgo many years of their lives in prison—and for what is not a true crime but a medical or health concern,” said Hodgson when asked how he thinks criminalization of recreational drug use plays into our ability to live as free people. “Regardless of whether you use drugs such as marijuana, you suffer because of this folly of a war.”

In his opinion, saying something is legal, such as in the case of recreational marijuana use, isn’t the same as saying something is okay. But he says it’s important for people “to think for themselves about what an ethical life is and to live it because they believe in it,”  instead of living by other people’s rules.

“Whether people would use more drugs, I don’t know, but experience with decriminalization in other countries suggests little change. Regardless, people can make such decisions for themselves…,” Hodgson added.

In addition to hosting Overseas Radio Network’s The Stateless Man, Hodgson is the policy advisor with the Future of Freedom Foundation. He’s written commentaries and news articles in various newspapers and magazines, including the Washington Times, Charlotte Observer, Sacramento Bee, and Providence Journal.

To read the full text of the interview, visit the Interview with Fergus Hodgson on State Drug Laws in United States page.

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