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Washington D.C.’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open Next Month

It’s been more than two years since Washington D.C. legalized medical marijuana, and finally, the District’s first ever pot dispensary will see the light of day come April.

Capital City Care, located along the 80 and P6 bus lines, is almost ready to open its doors for patients with debilitating conditions. In fact, security cameras have been installed and signs are already in place. For now, the only missing part of the establishment is the marijuana itself.

“It’s very high-grade, very pure, very potent marijuana,” David Guard, co-founder and general manager of Capital City Care, told The Washington Post. “But first, everything has to be triple-checked. We have a high level of security and an inordinate number of cameras.”

The medical marijuana is currently being grown in a separate building in Northeast Washington. According to the District’s rules, marijuana plants need to be in the ground for at least 60 days before they are harvested, and each cultivation facility is limited to only 95 plants at any given time. In terms of who are allowed to be prescribed with marijuana, Washington D.C. laws state that only patients with cancer, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis or glaucoma are allowed to buy 2 ounces of pot every 30 days.

Guard is very excited for the upcoming opening of Capital City Care, saying he has been “waiting and waiting all these years to get started.”

By mid-April, the dispensary plans to begin selling four strains of medical marijuana from its 2,000-square-foot perch on North Capitol Street. In addition to medical marijuana, Capital City Care will also carry accessories, such as pipes, grinders and vaporizers in its inventory.


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