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HR in Hospitality 2013 Conference

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy in our time. It’s also one of the most challenging in terms of maintaining a sustainable operation. Many of the things that can make a hospitality business a success are not learned in school, but from people who actually spent years shaping the industry.

On March 11-13, HR in Hospitality held its 7th annual conference — with the goal of addressing the unique HR and legal challenges facing the hospitality industry.

What made this year’s event highly interesting was the appearance of Marilyn Carlson Nelson, chairman and former CEO of Carlson, who shared her insights on creating a culture that is both caring and competitive.

In addition to the inspiring keynote by Mrs. Nelson, other highlights of the event included HR TipsNTrends and 50 Legal Tips in 50 Minutes which gave attendees ready-to-use tips on current HR and legal issues. Then there was also the Lunch Networking Discussions which gave attendees the opportunity to share strategies and brainstorm solutions to challenges with their colleagues.

If you happen to have missed the 7th HR in Hospitality conference, check out my Twitter summary and learn a thing or two on how to foster  a culture of success in your own hospitality business.

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