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Type 2 Diabetes Develops Faster In Children Than Adults

A new study reports that Type 2 Diabetes is progressing faster in children compared to adults, according to WebMD.

America Diabetes Association (ADA) revealed the startling information based on their recent research conducted in children and teenagers. Dr. Jane Chiang, who serves as senior vice president of the medical affairs and community information of ADA, shared the impact of this revelation on the health of children. “If these children continue to progress this rapidly, we could see many of the consequences of type 2 diabetes at a much younger age, like kidney disease and heart disease,” Chiang said.

Almost 700 children aged 10 – 17 diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and who had been diagnosed with it for at least eight months participated in the study. The children were given structured education on diabetes, and were divided into three groups of diabetes treatments: one with metformin, the second with metformin plus rosiglitazone, and the third with metformin plus a drastic change in lifestyle.

The growing number of American children diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes poses a higher probability of obesity, which is considered the top risk factor in diabetics. Participants of the study were found to have a body mass index (BMI) higher than 85% of the US population, thereby showing the real risk of obesity in kids with diabetes.

When the study started, about 12 percent of the kids were reported to have high blood pressure. Four years after, the number of hypertensive kids jumped to 34 percent, with a higher inclination towards male children and those with higher BMI. In addition, microalbuminuria — a precursor of kidney disease — increased nearly three times wihin four years.

One of the identified causes for the increased incidence of Type 2 Diabetes in children is the hormonal changes brought about by puberty. Experts are still unsure about the rate of progression after puberty, but the fact that children diagnosed with diabetes are getting younger is already alarming in itself.

Experts agree on one thing: People must be educated on diabetes detection and prevention, such as eating healthy and involvement in physical activity.

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