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Seniors Use Marijuana For A Good Night’s Sleep

Apparently, seniors are using marijuana to sleep at night.

Cherie Scott, 86, was vehemently against marijuana in the past. She told The Vancouver Province newspaper that marijuana usage was “evil and addictive and you were a little cuckoo with it.” But after she used pot to sleep after her husband’s death in 1980, she took a 180-degree turn and now recommends it as an alternative to sleeping pills.

It was her son, Mitch D’Kugener, who suggested that she try marijuana to help with her sleeping problem. D’Kugener has a doctor’s prescription for medical marijuana to relieve his symptoms on his attention-deficit disorder (ADD) and arthritis. He claims that her mother is now having the “best sleep that she’s had in the last 30 years.” This is the case for several seniors across the US. Most seniors are now enjoying the benefits of medical marijuana because their own kids recommended it first.

Vancouver Dispensary Society director and longtime cannabis legalization activist Dana Larsen shared that most seniors are not fully aware of medical marijuana and its benefits. He observed that some seniors who visit his dispensary have just tried marijuana for the first time. He also shared how some have totally stopped taking synthetic drugs and replaced them with marijuana.

For her daily dose, Scott either eats a marijuana cookie or puffs a joint or two. She claims that aside from better sleep, marijuana eases her nausea, as well.


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