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Pregnancies After Obesity Surgery Produce Healthier Children

Although it’s already an accepted idea that obesity can run from one generation to the next, a recent study shows that women who undergo obesity surgery give birth to healthier kids.

A research team from Canada released this surprising finding, as reported in a USA Today. The study involved testing children from two distinct birth sets: the older group born to women diagnosed with obesity, and their younger siblings who were born after their mother underwent obesity surgery.

Results showed that children born after their mother’s post-obesity surgery were healthier than their older siblings born at the height of moms’ obese period. The younger set of kids were found to have lower body mass index and decreased risk of diabetes or heart failure.

Another significant finding from the study was the difference in the genetic behaviors of the two test groups in terms of health issues related to obesity.

Lead researcher Dr. Marie-Claude Vohl, who is affiliated with Quebec’s Laval University, foresees a better future for the younger kids. “The impact on the genes, you will see the impact for the rest of your life,” said Vohl.

The theory behind this discovery seems to be rooted to the mother’s health during pregnancy. Compared to her past stage of obesity, the mother’s obesity surgery may have caused chemical changes within the womb that affected the genetic behavior of the fetus in a positive way. In other words, a healthier mother will probably rear a likewise healthier baby.

While the study links obesity surgery to healthier children, proper diet and exercise will also ensure the health and fitness of the baby as it goes out into the world.

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