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Exclusive Interview: Donna Mae DePola

TestCountry recently sat down with Donna Mae DePola to talk about addiction, addiction counselors, and the debate about

Interview with Donna Mae DePola on Substance Abuse

Donna Mae DePola

the legalization of marijuana.

DePola is a child abuse survivor and former addict who has become a substance abuse counselor and founded the Resource Training Center, a school that trains substance abuse counselors and serves as an outpatient counseling center.

She is a recognized leader in the field of substance abuse and substance abuse education with over 25 years of experience and has served as  the keynote speaker for the annual New York City Criminal Justice Conference.

DePola received the Counselor of the Year award in the United States in 1991 and received the Rosalie Cuva Outstanding Services Award in 2012. She was recently recognized, along with 32 other women, by the Office of the Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles Hines, as one of Brooklyn’s Extraordinary Women of 2013.

In addition to opening the largest training center of its kind in New York, Donna Mae has also written a book about her experience with child abuse titled “The Twelve Tins,” available for purchase as a Kindle edition from, or in trade paperback from where you can also learn more about Donna Mae and her work.

To read TestCountry’s exclusive interview with DePola, click here.

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